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, [Photo Precious Plastic] The map is intended to facilitate local collaboration among people to help the creation of hundreds more plastic recycling work spaces around the world as well as giving people a collaborative tool to fight plastic waste in creative ways campaigning to pass laws, boycotting

A process for recycling plastic waste in a steam cracker, wherein a melt obtained from plastic waste is converted into products at from ° ° C and a distillate fraction is separated off from the products at from ° to ° C and is fed as feed material to a steam cracker.

After World War II, a labor saving agricultural technology using plastics was introduced Termed plasticulture the process uses film and rigid plastics to make operations more efficient while saving time, reducing water usage, controlling weeds, and more Although agricultural production has soared, piles of waste plastic

, A foot shipping container platform holds a complete mobile waste recycling plant capable of upcycling plastic and fabric waste into architectural tiles Taiwain based Miniwiz has been working on waste to materials since , and has developed products like Polli Brick, a building material made from

CAC Kenichi Nagai Apparatus for thermally decomposing plastics and process for converting plastics into oil by thermal decomposition USA Science Technical And Product Innovative Center Tokema Method of treating plastic waste USA

, Plastic Eating Worms Could Inspire Waste Degrading Tools Wax moth Wax worms, such as the one shown here, can gnaw through and break down plastic When inspecting the degraded plastic films, the team also found traces of ethylene glycol, a product of polyethylene breakdown, signaling true

, In , China received nearly half of all the plastic waste that Americans sent abroad for recycling and about one third of the European Union s plastic waste exports Shipping is cheap Cargo ships carry goods from China to Western countries and carry scrap back, a process known as reverse haulage.

, And besides, a lot of those plastic water bottles and shopping bags end up in recycling centers where they re made into awesome new products, right Well, it is true that A recent study released this year has scientists estimating that million tons of plastic waste ended up in the ocean in And with

, The environmental and social benefits of plastics must be weighed against the problems that the durability and high volume of this material present to the waste stream Plastics help to reduce food waste by keeping products fresh longer, allow for the manufacture of life saving healthcare equipment, reduce

A process is described for treating waste plastics material to provide at least one on specification fuel product Plastics material is melted and then pyrolysed in an oxygen free atmosphere to provide pyrolysis gases The pyrolysis gases are brought into contact with plates in a contactor vessel so that some long chain gas

Mar , Researchers have come up with an awesome way to address that rather serious plastic problem we ve got going on a device that turns plastic waste into a safe, edible product, thanks to two strains of fungus that digest the plastic ingredients, but don t accumulate anything toxic We were both really

, Researchers have developed a process for turning waste plastic bags into a high tech nanomaterial Transforming these waste materials through nanotechnological recycling provides a potential solution for minimizing environmental pollution at the same time as producing high added value products .

The conversion of waste plastics material to hydrocarbon fuel products, particularly transportation fuels The waste plastics material can be obtained from any suitable source, such as a municipal solid waste facility and from agricultural and horticultural activity The plastics material feed, which can contain from about to

, Instead, Pol wants to upcycle waste plastics into more valuable products So, he developed a method in which hydrocarbon polymers, even mixtures, produce carbon microspheres For the new method, he places waste plastics, such as polyethylene bags and disposable polystyrene cups, into a closed,

, I feel as though we have a great deal of unnecessary plastic waste on the island For instance, I see people buying plastic water bottles on a daily basis, and using plastic st s without even realising the life span of that plastic product lasts a lot longer than its one off use. Her work encourages the Cook

, In , domestic consumption of plastic products was down percent to ,, tons, while general plastic waste fell percent to ,, tons, according to numbers from the Plastic Waste Management Institute, a group financed by manufacturers including polyvinyl chloride maker Shin Etsu

, Specifically, the pavilion is a study of the use of plastic waste as a building material For example, the overwhelming number of bottles used in the project is meant to highlight the extent to which we consume products and produce waste, in the hopes that visitors will question where their waste goes,

, A total of , pieces of plastic waste were collected during the audit, with most products being sachets Developing countries, such as the Philippines, run on a sachet economy, which encourages the practice of buying Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) in small quantities This drives market and

, A ban on the production of cosmetics and personal care products containing plastic microbeads came into effect at the beginning of the year Though realistically, this only accounts for an estimated tonnes of microplastics per year in the UK The problem with plastics It is clear then that plastic waste is

, To reduce plastic waste and negative effects, recycling programs have been implemented in many parts of the United States, but remain underutilized difficulties, including effective sorting (which increases costs) and the mixing of different plastic streams affecting the resultant post consumer products.

, Rather than dumping waste plastic into our oceans, Recycling Technologies created a machine that turns it into oil usable as fuel The components that make up the plastic have different boiling points, allowing the three different products to be created In the most simple terms, crude oil to plastic

, At each phase of a product s use, we re adding resources, wer re adding labor, we re adding people s time and investment, and we re taking things off, Wooster said, while showing a diagram of a recycling loop When we get to the end of use, some of what we have left can stay in the loop, and some of it

, The role plastic products play in the daily lives of people all over the world is interminable We could throw statistics at you all Like many other marine animals, sea turtles mistake plastic waste for a viable food source, sometimes causing blockages in their digestive system Though the declining sea turtle