fireproof wood plastic composite

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

An object of the invention is to provide means for making plastic resin fiber reinforced prestressed reinforced concrete pipes, tanks and vessels In addition, by my invention, pipes, tanks and vessels are easily designed to be fireproof or fire re sisting, and especially can be made chemically resistant to many adverse

, Flame retardant composites for fireproof application of electromagnetic (EM) absorption are produced from the dispersion and formation of graphene nanosheets (GNS) and exfoliated manganese oxides (EMOs) in diphenyl amidophosphate (DAP) modified epoxy resin The DAP modified composite can be

The present invention is a fire resistant cellulose insulation material made from agricultural byproduct containing cellulose fiber, comprising cellulose fibers that have Several methods exist to produce cellulose pulp, but most are intended for paper, textile, and plastic production because they are currently more profitable

A fireproof insulating foamed cementitious composition with thermal energy storage capacity is provided for use in producing wall insulation boards, fireproof (c) lightweight aggregates, such as polystyrene foam beads, expanded perlite, and wood four or sawdust, in an amount of about wt (d) a polymer latex,

A halogen free flame retardant composition that can be incorporated well into different synthetic materials, is easily compatible with the polymer matrix and mica, silica, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, glass fibers, particles and balls, wood dust, cellulose powder, carbon black,

Patent description JP (published ) describes a flame retardant nano composite material combination comprising a thermoplastic polymer The flame retardant nanofiller combination for thermoplastic polymer comprises, a specific phosphinate and or a specific diphosphinate and or their polymers as

Mar , USB Haihong Jiang Fireproof insulating cementitious foam comprising phase change materials EPA Mechanical properties of wood plastic composite panels made from waste fiberboard and particleboard USA

As stated above, the appropriate size and distribution of the filler is dictated by the end use of the PVC composite For example, a PVC composite with parts per hundred of an unprocessed fly ash containing particles of sizes greater than micrometers, as shown in Example , successfully passes only of impacts of

An outstanding feature of intumescent coatings is that they may be applied on substrates, such as metal, wood, plastics, graphite and other materials, in the The invention also provides in another aspect an intumescent fire retardant coating containing the above polymeric binder and a method of forming such a coating.

As mentioned above, it has now been found that wood particleboard can now be made fire resistant by the incorporation of a novel melamine phosphate phosphoric acid material therein This melamine phosphate phosphoric acid material melts over a wide temperature range and has been found to impart a higher degree

, Cotton s exceptional softness, breathability, and absorbency have made it America s best selling textile fiber however, cotton textiles are generally more combustible than their synthetic counterparts In this study, a continuous layer by layer self assembly technique was used to deposit polymer clay