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, To enable this process, we developed a tool that compares compounds solely on the basis of their bioactivity the chemical biological descriptor high throughput screening fingerprint (HTS FP) In the Shardul Paricharak , Adriaan P IJzerman , Jeremy L Jenkins , Andreas Bender , and Florian Nigsch.

, This is the case of D materials such as molybdenum disulfide MoS, but also of many biological specimens, molecules, and proteins Thus, minimizing Yoones Kabiri , Adithya N Ananth , Jaco van der Torre , Allard Katan , Jin Yong Hong , Sairam Malladi , Jing Kong , Henny Zandbergen , Cees Dekker.

, The fabrication of multilayer organic light emitting diodes through solution processing presents challenges, especially regarding dissolution of the first layer during deposition of a Markus Bender , Korwin M Schelkle , Nils J├╝rgensen , Stefanie Schmid , Gerardo Hernandez Sosa , and Uwe H F Bunz.

, He was programme leader of the Bulk Chemicals program in the B BASIC (biobased sustainable industrial chemicals) consortium His research interests are (a) enzymatic and microbial manufacturing of fine chemicals, bulk chemicals, and biofuels (b) in situ bioproduct recovery using crystallization,

, Natural and Semisynthetic Tigliane Diterpenoids with New Carbon Skeletons from Euphorbia dracunculoides as a Wnt Signaling Pathway Inhibitor Li Wang , Jing Yang , Ling Mei Kong , Deng , Zijun Xiong , Jianping Huang , Jianying Luo , Yijun Yan , Yikao Hu , Xiao Nian Li , Yan Li , Yong Zhao , and

, The therapeutic values include antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, and anticancer activity with the last being primarily due to inhibition of the transcription factor NF B Yaqiong Kong , Feng Chen , Zhi Su , Yong Qian , Fang xin Wang , Xiuxiu Wang , Jing Zhao , Zong Wan Mao , Hong Ke Liu.

Mar , P Glycoprotein (P gp), an efflux transporter, plays a crucial role in drug pharmacokinetic properties (ADME), and is critical for multidrug resistance (MDR) by mediating the active transport of anticancer drugs from the intracellular to the extracellular compartment Here we reported an original database of

, Michael J Sofia received his B.A in Chemistry from Cornell University, NY, and then completed a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry at the University of Illinois, Kap Sun Yeung , Brett R Beno , Kyle Parcella , John A Bender , Katherine A Grant Young , Andrew Nickel , Prashantha Gunaga , Prakash Anjanappa

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, Ionic liquid with acidic properties is an important branch in the wide ionic liquid field and the aim of this article is to cover all aspects of these acidic ionic liquids, especially focusing on the developments in the last four years The structural diversity and synthesis of acidic ionic liquids are discussed in the

, Powder XRD, HRTEM, and Na NMR studies revealed that this compound exhibits a complex structure consisting of intergrown regions of NaMnO and NaMnO domains The collapse of the long range structure at low Na content is expected to compromise the reversibility of the Na extraction and

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Mar , This paper demonstrates the role of solvent in selectivity and sensitivity of a series of electron rich compounds for the detection of trace amounts of picric acid Wei Huang , Emanuel Smarsly , Jinsong Han , Markus Bender , Kai Seehafer , Irene Wacker , Rasmus R Schr?der , and Uwe H F Bunz.

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, We report a scalable growth of monolayer MoS films on SiO substrates by chemical vapor deposition As grown polycrystalline MoS films are continuous over the entire substrate surface with a tunable grain size from nm up to m An obvious blue shift (up to meV) of photoluminescence

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, A typical onoff change of the electrochemical signal was observed upon hybridization of the nucleotide (nt) long hairpin DNA to the target DNA, DeRong Kong , FuSheng Liao , Yan Lin , Lin Cheng , Hong Peng , Jing Zhang , HanFeng Cui , Nian Hong , ChaDan Chen , GuoBing Wei , Hao Fan.

, Why men should stay away from PLASTIC Exposure to a gender bending chemical affects a baby s development after just DAYS Phthalates are detectable in around of adults, previous research has found But scientists found the chemicals can affect the development of foetus However, the link

, Conjugated nanoporous polymer colloids (CNPCs) composed of poly(p phenyleneethynylene) networks are synthesized in a miniemulsion They are amenable to size controllable synthesis and enhancement of solution properties, and retain photoluminescence and porosity The postfunctionalized

, He is a member of the Cosmos Club and a recipient of both the Bender Teaching Award and Robert W Kenny Prize for Excellence in Teaching at GW Biography Michael Chao Liu , Fang Yuan Chen , Hong Rui Tian , Jing Ai , Weiting Yang , Qing Jiang Pan , and Zhong Ming Sun Inorganic Chemistry

, TiSiOx Coated N Doped Carbon Nanotubes as Pt Catalyst Support for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEMFCs Mohammad Norouzi Banis , Shuhui Sun , Xiangbo Meng , Yong Zhang , Zhiqiang Wang , Ruying Li , Mei Cai , Tsun Kong Sham , and Xueliang Sun The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology and State Key Laboratory of Chirosciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, P R China Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California, San Diego, Gilman Drive,

, Long before his blockbuster film adaptation of the dystopian story Snowpiercer, South Korean director Bong Joon ho envisioned a film about a giant Tens of thousands of tourists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have canceled their planned trips to South Korea because of the MERS outbreak,

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