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, The present invention is a more durable expanded material that enables thinner wall thicknesses and a more flexible reinforcement suitable for stenting The advantages of the present invention will become more apparent upon consideration of the following detailed disclosure of the invention,

This of course naturally resulted in an obstruction in the pipe which was a severe disadvantage It was sometimes possible, where the In each case a specially manufactured Monel flux coated mm electrode was used for the root wall, connected positively and using a current of amps For the capping welds a

An additional disadvantage of the sequential approach is the temporal variation or time delay between testing of the calibrant and testing of the unknown sample So disposed, a discrete portion of web , including portions of sensor stripes , effectively closes concave surface , to thus define a longitudinal side wall

This hybrid approach to fuel design transforms a relative disadvantage (i.e wetted surface due to unheated water cross panels) into a sizable advantage The hollow water cross is attached to the walls of the outer flow channel , preferably by having the outer edges of its panels joined, e.g welded, to the

Other languages German French Inventor Edward R Dowski Miodrag Scepanovic Satoru Tachihara Christopher J Linnen Dennis W Dobbs Regis S Fan Another key disadvantage of current wafer scale imaging system integration is that the optical materials used in prior art systems cannot withstand the reflow

Cladding is often achieved by extruding two metals through a die as well as pressing or rolling sheets together under high pressure required for nor necessarily excluded from well logging operations, Generally, a layer of materials will exist between an outer surface of the drill string and a wall of the wellbore .

, welding overlay , hardfacing , cladding , reclamation , welding automation , bore welding , laser welding , PTA welding , Hardbanding, benifits of of parts having intricate internal shapes, the extra thin wall section of higher precision requirements relative to dimension and finish which prove to be difficult,

This embodiment avoids the use of a control circuit but has the potential disadvantage that the transfer is not as precisely controlled as with a control circuit Autoclave wall size is reduced by the use of WB or Ni Cu Mo Nb from Thyssen Stahl AG, of Duisburg, Germany, cladded with nickel or stainless steel AISI

Mar , Such a coating on, for example, a fibre cement backing board, could be used as flooring tiles, decorative wall lining or external prefinished fibre cement cladding b) Stucco (orange peel) Finish this may be achieved by manipulating speed and volume of the applied slurry to achieve a stucco look on the

arate the structure from the cladding to allow for Connection Advantages Disadvantages Screw easily removable limited reuse of both hole and screws cost Bolt strong can be reused a number of times It is related to the curtain wall of Gartner s own corporate headquarters in Gundelfingen, Germany ( .

, On the brick wall of a building beside the River Elbe in Hamburg, Germany, a small brass plaque reads . Above that is a horizontal line, and above Glass and modern cladding replaces much of the red brick that makes up most of the older buildings in town You can make a full head turn in some

Additional objects, features and advantages of the invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon reading the specification and reviewing the A separate battery charger module is included in order to receive AC power from a traditional wall socket and provide DC power to the curing light system for

A disadvantage of the above described structure of vertical resonator laser diodes, however, is that a severe current crowding occurs at the edges of the current Active layer sequence active quantum films with the corresponding barrier and cladding layers (material dependent on the desired wavelength of the laser

It would be desirable to avoid the disadvantages of the prior art and to devise a new composite material improving volumetric gain in integral foaming of good impact behavior) are particularly suitable for integral foaming of molded articles such as finished parts for the automotive industry, e.g instrument panels of cars.

German Laid Open Application DOS ,, (equivalent to South African Patent Application ) describes a process for the preparation of aminoplast Other fields of use are as an insulating wall cladding and as an insulating and shock absorbing packaging material, as an bandaging material and, because of its

A gap is formed in the inner wall of the spacer so that the dessicant material can remove moisture from the gas or air enclosed by the plates and Located between A disadvantage of the prior art constructions shown in Figures and is the fact that there is a high stress placed on the structural seals and .

With this background it is the object of the present invention to provide a window, in which the advantages of a top hung and a pivoting window are combined, but One way of achieving this, is by arranging said auxiliary opening device and or said check means between the frame and or sash and at least one cladding

Mar , Traditional cutting techniques are mechanical or laser based, both of which are connected with disadvantages such as particle generation because of material TLS Dicing has many advantages compared to traditional cutting technologies, including high separation speed very smooth side walls free of

Additional disadvantages of the prior art include poor localization of the tube joints which require leak testing after a leak has been detected and low tube joint flexibility Single wall and duplex or double wall tubes having inner and outer walls can be used with the present invention s composite tubesheet structure.

, The use of ultrasonic energy to detect flaws is a tried and true method that does have d backs, the biggest being its reliability in flaw detection Since weight saving is such an important requirement in aerospace applications, the high strength of certain thin wall deposits permits many uses of

The conductor pipe has the largest outside diameter and functions to protect the bore wall located in the vicinity of the land surface A decisive disadvantage of this bonding method is that the inside and outside surfaces of the press bonded portions is inevitably burred, and much time is taken for removing the burrs.

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This approach is inconvenient and has disadvantages related to the volatility of the chemical properties of amniotic fluid in the vagina and some possible admixtures to it The presence of PAMG at low concentration in vaginal secretion could be expected since permeability of capillary wall for blood proteins depends on