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, Build your own DIY deck with bench seating I m really at a loss as to why you didn t leave the front of the deck open for a walkway you have to go over the seating to get in it it s very nicely constructed, but I Great job, I like the aesthetic design of how you placed it and the enclosed design of the seating.

, Using old doors and windows in the garden to create focal points, gates, arbors, and garden art They can be used as garden doors or creative outdoor art If you would like more ideas Using barn door hardware (you can get it here), they hung two old doors to mark the entrance to the garden This style

Stair hand rails not only provide safety but also can be aethetically pleasing and add appeal to a porch or deck Choosing the right porch hand rail From Custom Designs to DIY Stair Rail Kits for Porches and ks Curving wrought iron hand rails widen the entrance giving it a more spacious look Beautiful iron outdoor

, Beautiful and Inspiring DIY Wood k Ideas at RemodelingGuy .net ks happen to be an excellent project for the beginning DIY er (you don t see the ends of the deck boards) This is a classy touch that is easily accomplished by using a rim joist which is one size up from your main floor joists.

My front door welcomes all with its cheery Japanese Kimono color and makes me happy as well! See how these DIY homeowners planned and converted their s ranch style house into an updated Our answer to the uproar of whether it was right to build a deck on the front of a house We re enjoying every second of

You can increase the curb appeal of a small front porch and even extend it so as to create more outdoor living space The lines of the roof and door complement each other on this smaller porch (or portico) Porch design with a combination gable roof over the entrance and shed roof spanning the remaining porch.

, DIY Chippendale Railings by Many years After the railings were painted, we attached them to the brick with concrete screws and to the vinyl columns with deck screws Attaching A local hardware store made our Chippendale front door and Mr SP crafted the one on our porch.

, On the interior we see the screened porch and circulation zone visible to the left, along with the sliding door, which can completely close it off from the living The engawa enables the spaces of the house to merge with the garden, the floor becoming a platform for entertaining, an outdoor corridor, an entry,

, PS The deck plans are here Shopping List sheets exterior plywood (we used but see notes on roofing plywood below) x @ feet long x @ feet long xs for doors if desired pocket hole screws (blue coated exterior ones) Galvanized nails or screws for attaching plywood

, Here s a breakdown of the cost to build a small front porch with columns , the push I had needed to build the porch occurred when a large hole developed in the top left corner of the pediment over the front door I m not a designer, but in my mind that seemed to be the right scale for the porches.

Unfortunately, no one can build front porches of different designs on the same home to show you If you are looking for a local professional to help you with your porch or deck project, you can get free estimates for your area Notice the partially raised porch floor (random ashlar) has a double step up to the front door.

, But if the front deck was done, we could simply walk out the front deck doors, across the deck and into the other unit s deck door And also if the front decks are done, we can set our tools up outside You all know all And I wrote And sometime next spring, we ll come back and build decks off these posts! .