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, I agree with many these are some shitty pavers, However they where just giving some tips on how to make them and put designs on them Yes the slabs sucked in this video but these were clearly rushed just to show people how you could do it, You could spend much more time on your own ones the one

, Before you start a patio building project, it s important to research your options and determine which material best suits your needs and abilities In almost every case, a patio is a very attainable DIY project, as long as you plan well and choose wisely The task is made more difficult, however, by the huge

, We asked Dallin if it was okay to scrape off the top to make it smoother to walk on He said that it was a good idea and it was best to do that early before it hardened even more DIY concrete patio part two After we scraped it and hosed it off, the girls saw the perfect opportunity to ride their toys on the

, The hacks are broken down into the following five categories grilling, gardening, outdoor games, outdoor entertaining, and outdoor hygiene One Good Thing by Jillee always has great ideas! CORN HOLE BOARD Corn Hole DIY Full tutorial of this DIY Cornhole Board from Home Stories A to Z found

Summer back porch decorating ideas with an eclectic style Easy DIY and decor inspiration for They give the place a rustic feel, I think Plus they give me someone to talk to when I m sitting here writing blog posts The lattice panels were another yard sale find I just wrapped jute rope around the top of mason jars and tied

, Outdoor bar table bar cart How to So as Anna mentioned yesterday, I am taking over for the day for a little woodworking lesson Technically speaking this is a stationary table What is good about the design and materials is that it can easily be turned into a cart by shortening the legs and slapping the

, We are very excited to show you the HUGE DIY concrete patio project that we took on this year in our backyard We decided to attempt to do it ourselves, We used a long straight board with a level on top, to level the grade from the side form with the garden boxes We didn t have to do any calculations

, Lots of great ideas to design and decorate your backyard patio for summer! For more summer ideas, check out these posts How to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Patio Furniture Tips to clean and maintain your patio furniture including wicker, wood, metal, Best Backyard DIY Projects Awesome outdoor

summer weekend DIY projects, home improvement, do it yourself View as slideshow Photo by Kolin Smith Need is a place to sit quietly and contemplate the sounds of nature Birds chirping, breezes blowing, brooks babbling Whatno backyard brook Not a problem Just build yourself the next best thing, with a softly

, We actually enjoy sitting out there and entertaining from this season until way into the fall season Today, I thought I would share some of our past patio and porch decorating ideas, crafty diy projects and more! I added in a few more for good measure that I thought were pretty neat Colorful decorating on the

, Make your outdoor space more appealing for your kids by creating an epic playhouse for them (and yourselves, too!) Here are of the most creative and fun playhouse ideas to build in your backyard If, like parents everywhere, you re struggling to get your children away from the television on even the

, In this week s installment of Home Sweet Home on a Budget, I m bringing you some of the best budget friendly porch and patio makeovers I ve seen in the the catch all into a vibrant, welcoming porch for very little cost by repainting the furniture she already owned and adding a few pretty DIY projects.

, The good thing about DIY crafts is that you can personalize them and use mementos to make the designs more precious You can If you feel like you want your balcony to look more natural, don t hesitate to pile up smooth pebbles that can also serve as your outdoor doormat on the balcony Hammocks

, If you have little money to invest then a rusty brick built firepit can be your best bet Let the embers spark beautifully with a naturally looking outdoor firepit made up of bricks It looks classy and can surely be your favorite spot to laze around on cold winter evenings Look down for more outdoor firepit ideas