how to build a composite platform for an above ground pool

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A plurality of vertically spaced, thermally massive MgO composite platforms is supported at each end by uprights and stringers (, ) The platform is inclined ° downward to a The housing may take the form of a slab on ground or suspended floor building The building may be formed of metal clad

, Firmamentum s demonstration will validate a technology for on orbit additive manufacturing of carbon fiber composite structures in space manufacturing and construction services, announced that had signed a contract with DARPA to design a persistent geostationary orbit (GEO) satellite platform.

, The El Caracol observatory stands on a massive by meter ( by foot) platform, engineered to support the tower and counter balance any movements in the Earth To date, no surface penetrating radar has been used to detect what lies inside the platform, but it appears that a drainage system

, An innovative structure in composite reinforced concrete steel trellis with upper frameworks which are pre stressed and post stressed, diagonal beams Several construction methods have been researched, including preassembly of the main frame of the floating platform on the ground and then having it

, entitled METHOD OF RETROFIT OF IN GROUND AUTOMOTIVE LIFTS to Robert Fletcher, filed on More particularly a method of retrofitting low pressure high volume (LPHV) hydraulic lift systems to construct a high pressure low volume (HPLV) hydraulic lift system and the resulting lift system are provided.

The platform , which supports the house flooring is shown supported above the ground by means of a vertical metal central structure which the various following embodiments show as being either solid or hollow, fixed or rotatable If the vertical structure is a fixed hollow cylinder it may have a door leading to

The large load is mounted on the upper end of the uppermost tower section and the nested tower sections are then tilted upwardly to a vertical position The lightweight construction enabled the towers to be initially positioned generally horizontally with the lower end pivotally connected to a foundation and the wind

An alternative approach is to build on raised decks or platforms supported on structures which are anchored or set in to the river, lake or sea bed Examples include buildings constructed on piers, and homes built on stilt like pillars In these cases, the platform, and hence the base of the building, must be relatively high

The qualitative identification of roof type also requires at least inch GSD (ground sample distance) imagery to make an approximation for roof type ID To obtain inch imagery low At step , the platform is flown over a geographic area of interest to collect data on environmental attributes Next, at step , the data is

A floor for a water tank on a tank support tower is made of a dome of steel bar reinforced concrete over a lower steel base in a central portion encircling a center access tower, the dome being surrounded by and continuous with an annular rim also of concrete reinforced with steel bars but over a circular steel beam at the

Laying a paver patio makes a great DIY project that can improve the look of your yard and increase the value of your home When laying a Add of sand on top of firm base material Place two level pieces of metal pipe flush with the top of the sand base Run a straight board over the pipes to screed off any excess sand.

Squirrels, mice, and rats can invade feeders and they re particularly fond of foraging on the ground for spilled seed and hulls To keep rodents of An advantage of pole mounted trays is that the collected seed offers a second feeding platform for the birds Choose No Waste baffle on pole DIY Bird Feeder Squirrel Guard.

An earthquake resistant multistory structure that effectively isolates the superstructure from the ground motions during a major earthquake by permitting relative The present invention enables the construction of multistory structures whereby displacement of the foundation relative to the superstructure is achieved only at a

Utility poles are in widespread use for suspending utility lines, including electrical power, telephone, etc at safe distances above a ground surface Utility pole components have traditionally been manufactured predominantly of wood, which has the advantages of being relatively ubiquitous, in expensive, nonconductive, and

Current monopole structures are often connected to an underlying concrete pad via a base termination plate with one or more flanges which protrude from the and placing bolts through the plurality of bolt holes to join the lower base plate with a base platform, such that a virtual projection of the monopole through the lower

, This is the safest way to build entire walls of the treehouse, as it precludes you from hammering feet up in the sky, he says Once you ve built the walls on the ground, have a friend help you carefully lift them up onto the platform Take it from me It s much simpler to build on the ground and then lift, he