how to build a deck above a flat roof

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

In a warm roof construction, the insulation is placed above the structural deck and beneath the waterproof layer, reducing the risk of condensation However, as the waterproof layer is thermally isolated from the rest of the roof construction, it is exposed to wide temperature fluctuations, which can lead to premature failure.

When the barricade structure is installed on the roof deck, the roofing material is adapted to be applied over the plates that are nailed to the roof deck The construction of the invention will not interfere with the application of the roofing material, for the support members are located outwardly of the edge of the roof.

, A modern day flat roof isn t, of course, truly flat (they re typically sloped ? per foot), but they re flat enough to construct a terrace structure on top For this reason, we use natural ipe decking at the roof terrace as it weathers to a handsome silver over time and requires only an annual anti bacterial cleaning

Depending upon the construction, the roof deck may extend over the surrounding exterior walls or the roof deck may stop short of the exterior walls thereby forming a parapet wall, i.e a low retaining wall at the The reinforced tape strip may be used to attach a roofing membrane to a parapet wall and abutting roof deck.

Three roof assemblies were evaluated in four different climate zones A wood framed pitched roof system with R cavity insulation in climate zones and , and R cavity insulation in climate zones and . A steel framed flat roof system with only R continuous insulation (c.i.) above the roof deck. An I joist flat

Flat areas or very slightly sloped areas, still need a good foundation Even if you have a patio porch, the slab still needs to be stable Any shifting of the roof can cause consider damage to the home In addition, regardless of the slope, always build to ensure water runs away from the structure Soil structure is also important

, The use of single ply waterproof membranes in the construction of flat roofs requires knowledge of different roof constructions and a familiarity with the Warm roofs or warm deck constructions have the principal thermal insulation placed above the structural deck but below the waterproof membrane and

, OMG roofing Figure The anatomy of a mechanically fastened single ply roof on a commercial building (Photo OMG Roofing Products) How will the PV system affect the roofing system over the life of the array How will increased traffic from installation and maintenance traffic affect the roofing system

TOH general contractor Tom Silva shows how new designs and better flashing make for a watertight roof window From below, drive a deck screw up through the roof at each corner of the rough opening On the roof, strip the shingles about install watertight skylight put flashing over roofing shingles Photo by Anthony