can you put a pool on decking

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One of the most important decisions when designing an outdoor entertainment area is the type of surface you plan to use Wile pressure treated wood decking less expensive than composite, it requires periodic refinishing and can deteriorate over time Composite decking is more Wood deck next to pool Wood vs.

Mar , The video below shows how I use deck and landscape design software to visualize my designs, and I ve been using Punch deck and landscaping design When it comes to deck designs other structures like sheds and even pools one of more of these sketches will likely also be required for your

Handyman, the bird droppings issue is one I hadn t thought ofhopefully, just a simple spray with a hose and a little dawn detergent on the spot will take care of that We just put this product down on a X area of our deck (that s as far as the gallon went), we ll probably need gal containers to complete the job.

, Not to overstate the obvious, that means it s hot, hot, hot It also means that pool contractors are making out like bandits, at least here in my Austin neighborhood This time every year, the backhoes and dump trucks and cement mixers form a regular parade And I get the same question from neighbors Can I

As you can see, the wood was in pretty bad shape I attempted to put a sealer on it last year and, the results were less than spectacular Danny Lipford Well Mike, I ll have to say I m not sure I ve ever seen a deck quite like this What are some of the things you d like to see out here Maureen James Well for one thing,