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Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel team up to render an art film so discombobulated in narrative experimentation that is almost hard to describe Picture a nun on a In one of the most iconic scenes in war movie history a dying soldier reaches through a barb wire fence and tries to touch a butterfly flutterby The shutter speed

, The Bahia house is located in a Brazilian paradise Salvador, Bahia and it s a modern and intelligent structure that consider the local tropical weather to build something cool and airy The open spaces, the wooden panels, the materials and the house distribution are projected to allow the wind to keep the

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, Ever wonder why ammo prices and stock hasn t returned to normal ATK is one of I never buy my guns and ammo from the same place, always at various places around the county with cash A long wire antenna can be somewhat concealed by running it under rain gutters, along a wooden fence, etc.

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Cincopatasalgato, an architecture, furniture and interior design agency in El Salvador believe in turning things around, sometimes breaking with tradition Concrete goes hand in hand with wood and metal, and precious materials as used in combination with reclaimed, poorer ones Big glass surfaces give various degrees