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On the Spot Store by Kiyeno Taw Design Group, Seoul South Korea March th, by retail Stair hall is designed with silver colored tile finished wall and using movable floor guide board that shaped TAG which is design motive as well, to cause inquiring mind to customers about nd floor Also, indirect lighting

, mented Reality Architects has completed a house in the South Korean city of Gimhae featuring a facade formed of vertical metal poles The first floor contains four more bedrooms and a lounge area overlooking the atrium An external deck on this level also looks down onto the front garden and out

, Inserting a contemporary museum into an urban district rich in history and tradition is still a rare challenge in Korea This museum Curved terra cotta tiles are among the materials we used to tie the structure to the neighborhood they are a contemporary acknowledgement of the older buildings roof tiles.

, Don ts in South Korea Do not wear your shoes when you enter someone s house or certain restaurants that you have to sit on the floor to eat Although many Korean houses follow a more western style of living, they often sit, eat, and sleep on the floor Therefore, Koreans like to keep their floors clean and

, the columns were made thicker than necessary and a waterspout was installed inside to make the first floor look like a heavy rock Black concrete was used for a magnificent style, creating the feeling of tiles used in traditional Korean style houses As a result, the house created an image which is similar to

, White glossy surfaces in the kitchen help reflect light, contrasting with the dark tiles used for flooring throughout the rest of the space Voidwall by AND Ground floor plan click for larger image The balconies also feature materials that contrast with the interior, lined with either timber or irregular patterned

, The K s armor is blend of military grade aluminum, ceramic tiles and fiberglass rated to withstand armor piercing rounds from the BMP s millimeter autocannon with the sides capable of stopping rounds from millimeter Russian heavy machine guns Seoul chose to arm it with a Bofors based

, Rough concrete and crumbling stone walls act as a windbreak for the grounds of the Bauzium sculpture gallery in South Korea Craggy concrete walls surround South Korean sculpture park by Archium Floor plan click for larger image Bauzium by Archium Sections click for larger image Read more.

, The building is located in Nonhyeon dong, a neighbourhood within the South Korean capital s Gangnam district that has developed significantly in Rooms inside feature a mixture of different surfaces, including ceramic tiles, bricks, concrete and plasterboard painted in shades of white, black and yellow.

, korean bath slippers, Save Korean bath slippers You don t want to be bare the cold tiles, while showering in Korea Yup A summer tip for cooling down from the heat just lay on or against your tile concrete floors and walls They re excellent conduits of cold! Thus, having them during the winter gives you

, This dog friendly guesthouse and residence in the South Korean province of Chungchungnam by YOAP features doors decorated with canine illustrations Tiles and laminated flooring in each of the suites and the shared kitchen ensures muddy paw prints can be easily cleaned Mungzip Guesthouse by

, Adrian Smith Gordon Gill Architecture recently announced the groundbreaking of the solar powered Federation of Korean Industries Tower in Seoul, Several floors will have full glazing in the upper portion to break the monotony of the building s face, and also to allow deeper light penetration into the

, W House by ODE The fluted surfaces are intended to mimic the proportions of the concave roof tiles that feature on Hanok houses The concave tiles and patterns project the movement of light as shadows, and subtly gives distinctness and clarity to the movement and existence of light, said the architect.

, Korean firm By Seog Be Seog decorate Seoul restaurant interior with oak The square metre space is located on the second floor of the same building the original restaurant inhabits, and has been designed to encourage regular and new customers of all different ages to dine together in harmony.

, Shaped like the head of a windswept woman, this golden observation pod is third in a trio of holiday homes designed by South Korean architect Moon Hoon A spiral staircase encased in a lime green well ascends to the elevated property, which is finished with zebra striped flooring, iridescent tiles and

, Four floors clad in slim red bricks sit above the concrete base of this office and apartment block in the South Korean city Seoul, which was designed by local firm Stocker Lee Architetti A mixture of burgundy and grey tile floors are used in the offices, while wooden floorboards cover the apartments.

, Pair of gabled buildings by Namu Architects house a visitors centre on a mountain in South Korea, with vertically aligned plank cladding and strip windows The roofs are covered in grey tiles and pitched at the same angle as the Sudeoksa Daeungjeon, the primary Buddhist temple in the region.

, Located in Buk Chon, a quiet and traditional district of Seoul, Songwon Art Centre, designed by the South Korean studio Mass Studies, is a building entirely made of solid strips of steel It spreads over two levels and it occupies also the basement area (three levels below the ground) This composition

, Otherwise, it s easy enough to throw an organic cotton blanket on the floor and call it day The mat I found a LDPE foam play mat made in South Korea the Folding Play Mat by Cream Haus that I find to be unquestionably non toxic The only downside is a tile set is smaller than I had expected.

, This year long exhibition as part of the Korea UK cultural collaboration brings together a range of approaches and responses to Korean ceramics From work that is purely functional to work that is purely decorative, via work that seeks to critique contemporary Korean society, the unifying element is

, They sourced wallpaper, floor tiles and furniture from China where North Korea imports from They also fabricated bespoke furniture Pyongyang apartment installation at Seoul Architecture Biennale In stylistic terms, Pyongyang homes are far more retro than the residences of Seoul, said Chua.

, Stone tiles and horizontal cement boards were used to define the various volumes of this house in South Korea by architecture studio SPLK The second volume contains a bedroom and bathrooms on the ground floor, with the master bathroom and a large bathroom above Honsinzi House by SPLK

, korea pavilion shanghai expo by mass studies The ground floor will house a D abstract map korea pavilion shanghai expo by mass studies Mountains form seating for visitors and a five metre wide artificial stream cools the area, where visitors will wait to enter the exhibition.

, Specifically, Ma and Dandong Hongxiang worked with North Korea s Kwangson Banking Corp which the U.S has sanctioned because of its alleged the option of wearing a skirtthe students entered a lobby adorned with green tiles from the nearby Pewabic Pottery, a legendary Detroit ceramic studio.

, Southcape golf clubhouse by Mass Studies features curving concrete canopies Photograph by Kyungsub Shin Type Sports, Golf Clubhouse Location Namhae, Korea Site Area , sqm Site Coverage Area , sqm Total Floor Area , sqm Building to Land Ratio . Floor Area