the substitute material for wood that is made from plastic

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, A man collects recyclable plastic materials, washed ashore by waves, which will be sold Over the past few decades, there has been increased awareness of our dependence on a limited oil supply and this has driven research into alternative, sustainable sources of chemicals Image REUTERS Cheryl

, Amid ongoing concern about plastic waste accumulating in municipal landfills, and reliance on imported oil to make plastics, scientists are reporting development of a new ultra light biodegradable foam plastic material made from two unlikely ingredients The protein in milk and ordinary clay The new

, Two research projects have developed new processes to replace petroleum with wood for the production of important chemicals These precursors are used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, plastics or fertilizers, report researchers.

, There are many options for sustainable decking materials, but redwood is one of the best! Currently the best alternative wood preservative is borate Borate is water soluble Lumber made entirely from High Density Polyethylene resin the same plastic that makes milk jugs is made from waste plastic.

, A material called Zeoform can be made from plants or recycling, but can be used just like plastic The material is made either from plants with high cellulose content, like hemp, flax, st , or with reclaimed waste, like paper and textiles, according to Zeoform CEO Alf Wheeler It behaves like wood.

CAC Forrest C Bacon Water resistant plywood substitutes made from recycled carpets or textiles USB P M Signs Wood and plastic composite material and methods for making same USB Crane Plastics

Biodegradable paper covers as replacement for plastics opens up bio economy market for horticulture Date y , Source MTT Agrifood From the environmental point of view, this product has significant potential, as the material is based on renewable wood fibre This is a major step forward, with positive

A further need exists for a composite material that can be extruded into a shape that is a direct substitute for the equivalent milled shape in a wooden or metal structural member This need requires a In a preferred embodiment, the first zone is made entirely of plastic, most preferredly polyvinyl chloride The second zone is

, Japanese researchers and auto component makers say a material made from wood pulp weighs just one fifth the weight of steel, and can be five times We ve been using plastics as a replacement for steel, and we re hoping that cellulose nanofibers will widen the possibilities toward that goal, said

, Wood Project Boxes For a simpler (and far cheaper) alternative to metal, a wood project box might be the way to go With a few simple tools such as a drill press and a saw, you can make a wood electronics box that will last for years Not only is wood a decent insulator (as far as most low voltage projects

, A new type of transparent paper could one day replace the plastic substrates that are used in current solar cells chopped wood logs CC BY NC SA Auntie P The one downside to solar technologies is what materials are used to make them From rare earth metals to plastics, solar cells can be made

, There are also several alternative building materials to pressure treated wood that are available today Compared to the historic Plastic lumber, which is most frequently composed of high density polyethylene (HDPE), does not release hazardous materials into the ground An additional benefit of using

, A material made from mushroom roots and farm waste is used to make furniture, packaging and lamp shades While you can t make plastic bags from mushrooms, the material can replace some packaging and offers an alternative to styrofoam Dell, for This gives it a shelf life similar to that of wood.

This invention relates to a halogen free polyolefin material composition, and in particular to a non halogenated fire resistant plastic pallet that produces a reduced health risk to fire fighters during fires, poses less environmental stress when made and used, offers greater RF transparency for use of electronic devices, allows a

, Nanocellulose Fibreboard is an all natural replacement for MDF and moulded plastic Nanocellulose Fibreboard is a non toxic, per cent recyclable and per cent biodegradable material made from a composite of plant fibres, such as flax, bound together using nanocellulose a fibrous substance

Mar , Fortunately, there is one company that is making re using discarded plastic to make new building materials, including fences, furniture, and lumber Kedel Limited is a Kedel also produces outdoor school classroom furniture and a range of patio furniture made from recycled plastic sourced in the UK.