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, Developed by Leeds University, the technology could save UK households around seven million tonnes of water per week.

, Bed in a bottle French hotel where the rooms are plastic bubbles (but don t worry, you can cover up at night!) From £ a night, outdoor lovers can enjoy a stay in a two person bubble room, made from transparent plastic, and soak up stunning scenery, what if you want to go to toilet no good j good .

, There were no serious disturbances, as some migrants, mostly from Afghanistan, Sudan and Eritrea, boarded coaches that took them to welfare centres around France.

, A young Portuguese fan who was pictured comforting a sobbing Frenchman after the Euro final in Paris has been revealed to be year old Matisse, who in fact lives in France.

, He wants to apologise for what he now appreciates was not a good il Fool s joke He has apologised throughout, Ms Bellchambers said It is clear that he apologised to Mr Webber when he was summoned on the day He apologised again in [the police] interview, he does so again through me today.

, A former grammar school girl from Abergavenny in south Wales could soon be the First Lady of France Francois Fillon s wife Fillon, a regular with his wife at the Le Mans road race, once appeared on the French equivalent of Top Gear to bemoan the dismal state of French car design Mrs Fillon said she

, Salt is a CO powered air gun that fires hollow plastic spheres Spheres are filled with a powder that incapacitates would be attacker Rounds can used directly on an The police in the USA need these for those times when they think shooting somebody is the best option so basicly of the time.

Mar , Joel Cessio, , from Nice, France stormed the stage as Yvettte Short picks It s a terrier attack! Crufts security scare as US Navy pilots spotted a foreign object speeding just above the Atlantic Ocean On the What the f is that thing Shocking moment Navy pilot Sir Ken married Anne Jones, his partner

, Bowing out as European Council President claimed a UK exit would only wound the EU project, but the departure of France would prove fatal for the nation bloc.

, Mail On Sunday food critic TOM PARKER BOWLES tests out cooking his chicken in a plastic bag in the oven, pictured, but says it hasn t changed his Not in terms of flavour, which errs towards the bland, but in texture, which is wonderful, succulent and dripping with juice as good as you ll find anywhere.

, French Ambassador to New Zealand Laurent Contini speaks to Phyllis (Pippa) Doyle before presenting her with France s highest honour award in Auckland on Tuesday Mrs Doyle, She said We learned how to get in a high window and down drainpipes, how to climb over roofs without being caught .

, Footage captures five daredevil friends surf a speeding train through Paris at night The group of young men are nearly caught at a station and have to flee the scene.

, Thousands of puffins wiped out in storms Records numbers wash up dead on coasts of Spain and France Record numbers of puffins have been washed up on Bay of Biscay A few die each year, but recently many more have died due to storm weather Drowning is common cause of death for the puffins

, Researchers from Penn State University have created plastic toys that self destruct when exposed to certain triggers One trigger could be urine, turning toilets into plastic disposal bins.

, France divided by the mystery of the headless king Skull found in attic said to belong to Henri IV The claims have been made in a new book Mr Gabet wrote In the loft, in an old wardrobe, was a box Inside, there was something Ze French ave always been good at removing heads Click to rate.

, Footage uploaded to YouTube shows the remotely controlled aircraft capturing some stunning video of an ancient cathedral believed to be in the Netherlands before disaster strikes.

, A Belgium firm has designed a robot that prints out perfectly sized boxes to ship your gifts Called Slimbox, users measure their product, and enter the dimensions using the app.

, A little Pompeii is unearthed in France Dig uncovers remarkably well preserved remains of a Roman settlement that burned down in the st century By Shivali Best For Mailonline Published An entire Roman neighbourhood has been uncovered by archaeologists on the outskirts of Vienne in France.

, Salt is a CO powered air gun that fires hollow plastic spheres Spheres are filled with a powder that incapacitates would be attacker Rounds can These plastic balls explodes on contact and instantly incapacitate a would be attacker, the company says Newest Oldest Best rated Worst rated.

, Journalist, Eric Zemmour, said on Friday that the French army has a secret plan to ethnically cleanse Muslims from France with the help of Israeli military specialists.

, How to make your flowers last twice as long Experts reveal six steps to keep bouquets fresh including using warm water in the vase and cutting stems at an Scientists yesterday revealed a series blooming good tips to double the life of a bouquet of house flowers Bliss, Paris, France, months ago.

, The cold truth about your fridge So what temperature should it be, and which shelves are best for what foods The cold temperature makes the plant cell vacuoles leak Experts recommend storing meat, fish or poultry on a plate or in a box to keep it entirely separate from other foodstuffs MIDDLE

, Slimbox uses laser cutters to create customized templates for easily folded boxes on flat pieces of cardboard Users measure their of this box making robot Slimbox cuts corrugated cardboard between and mm and with dimensions of a maximum of to m, according to what fits the product the best.

, At just he parachuted into France with his frantic family hot on his tail Private Robert Bobby Johns was just when he joined the army He was was the youngest soldier to parachute into Normandy on D Day His family tried their best to locate him while he was fighting in WWII Pvt Johns was killed in

, Gerard Depardieu stocks up on France s finest foods before moving to Belgium for lower taxes Mr Depardieu seen out cheese shopping and France to tax per cent of earnings over million from uary Belgium s top rate of taxed capped at per cent By Sean O hare Published EDT,

, Islamist attacks have scared off thousands of tourists from Paris and its top attractions, helping rob the French capital of about million euros (£ million) in revenues, officials said on Tuesday Strikes and floods have also taken their , overshadowing a boost from the Euro soccer

, The France burkini row has deepened after claims that photos of a Muslim woman forced to remove her swimwear by armed police on a beach were The woman, who was wearing a traditional headscarf and matching top, was spoken to by the officers, who have been tasked with implementing the ban

Mar , Tesco eggs are to be sold in plastic containers as the traditional cardboard holders can leak if eggs break in transit, spoiling other nearby boxes.