panel fencing from poland

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, Egypt s Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim has survived a bomb attack that targeted his convoy in Cairo Hours later, he appeared on state TV unharmed to denounce the attack as a cowardly assassination bid Security officials said the blast near Mr Ibrahim s home in Nasr City appeared to have been

, U.N chief Antonio Guterres voices alarm over the crisis on the same day Myanmar s army clears itself of wrongdoing.

, Each facet of this crystalline museum in Poland by OVO Grabczewscy Architekci is covered in a sheet of corrugated copper to resemble the flames of a fire.

, REUTERS Joshua Roberts Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly tempered some of President Donald Trump s recent promises on curbing illegal immigration before a congressional panel on Tuesday, explaining that funding to cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration agents would only be cut on

Mar , Some Poles are really bad drivers RAF tries to explain why it made its men wear high vis jackets on Great Escape march in Poland Ordered to wear A group of about prisoners, started to digging tunnels, in which they were going to escape the acre site, which had five miles of perimeter fencing.

, A fire at a shopping centre in the Qatari capital Doha has killed at least people, local officials have said The interior ministry said of the victims at the Villaggio centre were children Four of them were Spanish nationals, three from New Zealand and one child was French The cause of the fire believed

, Not everyone has welcomed the plans, with Poland and Romania opposing the idea though Poland agreed to take in more refugees Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka of the a threat to Europe s Christian identity The country is focusing on building a barbed wire fence along its border with Serbia.

, A top Syrian rebel commander has died of wounds he sustained in an air strike on a rebel held air base in Aleppo province on Thursday, his group says Abdul Qadir al Saleh, the leader of Liwa al Tawhid, died overnight, a spokesman told the Associated Press Liwa al Tawhid is one of the main rebel

, Syria says its forces are pursuing rebels through the area around Jisr al Shughour, after consolidating control over the northern town.

, But this recent incident spotlights how foolish it is to keep the White House fence where it is Many will argue that moving DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has appointed a four person panel to recommend security improvements at the White House and to suggest a new director One development the panel

, The Libyan government says it has captured the western town of Bani Walid, a former stronghold of Col Gaddafi, after days of fighting.

Mar , Many of the artists tackled the politically charged topic of immigration This piece contained an actual panel of the U.S Mexico border fence RAMIRO GOMEZ For me, place becomes a very difficult word to focus on, just because place is never permanent We re constantly moving It s constantly shifting.

, Two explorers believe the Nazi gold train is buried in south west Poland They say it is packed with ´┐ímillion of gold, jewels gems and art Legend had it the train was buried by The dig has d n interest from around the world, but workers have erected fences and privacy screens to hide their work.

, Windows users can grab the update by visiting the Windows Control Panel and clicking the Java icon (or searching for Java) From there Do NOT use the Update tab in the Windows Control Panel to update Java The last time I Ring fence the virtual machine by placing it on its own VLAN and subnet.

Framed by rows of alternating fencing, this Bor├│wiec, Poland home dubbed the Fence House uses bricks, concrete and sheet metal to achieve its industrial look Designed by mode lina architekci, New and old wood oscillate against a glass safety panel and wide glazed windows A bench seat offers a space for reading.

, Grim The view through the perimeter fence of Kraft s factory in kowice where Terry s Chocolate Oranges are now made kowice is a collection of squat concrete houses huddled in the bleak landscape of western Poland, close to the main road linking Warsaw to Berlin The contrast with Cadbury s

, Scuba divers inadvertently discover the largest trove of gold coins ever found off Israel s Mediterranean coast.

, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listens to Auschwitz survivor Nate Leipciger (second from left) as he tours the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum with Dr Piotr Cywinski(left) and Rabbi Adam Scheier and Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion (right) in Auschwitz, Poland Sunday y , .

, The European Parliament has called for an EU treaty change to stop MEPs monthly shuttle to Strasbourg in France, and instead make Brussels the parliament s permanent home Most MEPs are convinced that the Brussels Strasbourg shuttle is a huge waste of time and money The costs and CO

, Dozens of people are reported killed in a wave of attacks in Iraq, including soldiers killed at a checkpoint north of Baghdad.