3 tongue and groove hollow decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

The cross ties have an overall height of about inches, a width of about inches and a longitudinal length of about feet, and generally correspond in dimension to a conventional hardwood cross tie (shown as in FIG ) Each cross tie includes a generally rectangular shaped hardwood core member , a pair

, For floorboards that are to be covered with carpet, nails may still suffice, but it is always a good idea to check for any squeaky floorboards and use screws to hold these in place Floor sheet materials like tongue and groove green chipboard floor panels are best screwed down, as it holds them tight to the

Figure is a perspective view, partly cut away, showing a modified form of construction wherein a precast base is located below the deck as a bond beam and the Below the bead a downwardly extending tongue of the coping is incut at to define a right angle groove within which the water line tiles are mounted.

According to a third embodiment of the present invention, a wall panel system includes a base track and a plurality of interlocking wall panels Each wall panel has a top end and a bottom end extending between a pair of opposed edges Each panel has a tongue extending from one of the edges and a groove defined in the

Access Road Length Width Driveway Length Width Walkway Length Width Patio Terrace Area Retaining Wall Length Height k Area SIP Finish ? Gyp Bd unfinished joints under purlins or rafters SF ? Gyp Bd taped sanded unfinished SF Tongue Groove pine finished

Water directing structures are disclosed in the form of deflectors having one or two separate water directing channels and hollow heads having at least two project from or are otherwise exposed beneath the lower side of the overhead wall, which may be an interior cathedral type ceiling or the lower deck of a pitched roof.

This tongue and or groove design on the core can be formed as part of the extruded core The tongue or groove can have a variety of dimensions but preferably the groove which is present on two, opposite edges has internal depth dimension of from about mm to about mm and a height of from about mm to about