pourable composite flooring for patios

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Inert fillers and modifiers such as asbestos, carbon blacks, talcs, calcium carbonates, glass fibers, sand, micas, wood flour, clays, silicas, barytes, aluminum oxides, Further cure of the blend begins immediately accompanied by a change in viscosity from a thin watery mix to a smooth creamy almost pourable heavy paste.

, USA The Dow Chemical Company Binder composition comprises a blend of a high viscosity and low viscosity hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ether, and a tape joint composition containing such binder USA Robert Krumholz Dustless

The dry cement composition may be formulated with aggregate and water to prepare a flowable liquid, self leveling and self smoothing coating material that may be applied to a substrate such as a floor substrate The applied coating requires no manual finishing or smoothing, yet hardens to form a level, very smooth

This invention relates to a process for making construction blocks of possible different shapes and sizes useful for various interior and exterior works such as construction of houses, buildings or In US a composite building block has a light weight core and thin fibre cement facings on each side of the core.

United States Patent SUBSTANTIALLY DRY JGINT COMPOUND COM PRISING CALCIUM SULFATE, POLYVINYL ACE TATE AND STARCH Earl nard and Mitchell Ptasienski, Elk Grove Village, IlL, assignors to United States Gypsum Company, Chicago, Ill a corporation of Illinois No D ing Filed ,

Box shown in Figure is made of wood, but another box material capable of retaining the pattern and the cast tool would be equally suitable A very thin layer of parting Tools of this sort have been used to stamp many different sheet steel automotive exterior panels and structural parts None of the tools has, to date,

A preferred polymeric quaternary compound is Polyquaterinum available under the tradename Polymer JR from Amerchol which can be used in the solid When cooled below this melting point range, pourable soaps are reconstituted in solid form without having undergone significant changes in composition.

Based on successful applications described therein, similar coatings were developed for over coating wood substrates that had previously been coated with For paint systems, self healing coatings are fabricated by adding microcapsules containing at least one self healing compound to commercially available paint

Upon curing of the concrete, interior and exterior facing panels are then secured to the outside surfaces, especially walls and floors, resulting in a reinforced said interconnecting void configured for receiving pourable concrete that creates an assembly support structure for said assembly on site and to permanently join

Doing so creates a coating material in which the masking agent is selectively distributed near the exterior surface of the coating material, and in which the portion coal or other forms of coal, or from pitch, coconut shells, corn husks, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) polymers, charred cellulosic fibers or materials, wood, and the like.

Improved Portland cement compositions and their use in cement coating operations is disclosed wherein acrylic polymers modified by critical amounts of propylene glycol, a coloring ingredient and a defoaming agent such as dimethyl polysiloxane are used as additives substantially increasing the flexibility, abrasion and

The isocyanate terminated polyhydroxylated polymers are prepared by mixing of the isocyanate compound with the polyhydroxylated polymer in appropriate industrial floors, one component sealant for vertical joints (precast concrete panels, expansion joints), pourable joint sealants for vertical surfaces (floor to wall

In most wallboard construction, these joints are filled and coated with wallboard tape and an adhesive material called joint compound so that the wall will have a water usage of about to about cubic centimeters per grams of calcined gypsum in order to form a readily pourable and flowable gypsum slurry.

, The method includes disposing a porous insulating material in the exterior walls and substantially covering the ceiling in the attic space of the building to a Compared to the total net heating and cooling loads (through roof plus walls plus floors), the percent of roof loads are percent (heating) and

An additive to cement based materials to render the materials self leveling upon being mixed with water and applied as a coating upon a floor substrate The additive comprises a formaldehyde based resin, preferably melamine formaldehyde, and a water retention agent, preferably xanthan gum alone, hydroxyethyl

Pourable compositions are also useful as a capping underlayment over slabs of concrete and other substances Other embodiments of this invention are roofing tiles, exterior wall siding elements, wall panels, flooring panels, roofing panels, structural shapes with solid or hollow sections, synthetic ceramic tiles and