elephant bark rubberized flooring

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, No problem, not until it smells of burning rubber ) CU Peter Live long Seen today in San Diego Honk if you re cute .Bark if you re ugly Bumper Stickers seen in passing chip, AM OK, you asked for it My stoner Who ever heard of a good piece of Elephant Democrats have

, Influenced by the works of Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin, color pencil d ings of newly paired and mystified inhabitants are set against idyllic, pastoral landscapesmonkeys tossing an elephant in the air a horse awkwardly struggling to escape from an inflated pufferfish and a baby elephant trying

, Finally, I should mention that Jainism rejects all forms of dogmatism, and its followers often appeal to the parable of the blind men and an elephant to to Coyne s heart nearly everyone would agree that the Beatles album Sergeant Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band is a better album than Rubber Soul,

, Fictional illustrations of flora and fauna that inhabit Discworld, a comic fantasy book series written by the English author Terry Pratchett The illustrations for a tea towel by Denmark based artist Vladimir Stankovic features fantastical creatures with equally imaginative descriptions such as the Hermit Elephant

, Digital illustrations of everyday life that border between the edges of fantasy and reality by Chinese American artist and illustrator Jenny Yu based in Los Angeles.

, This series entitled Somnambulant, which means walking or having the habit of walking while asleep, by Sydney based photographer Jonathan reminds me of the work of Todd Hido in which he shoots homes that appear ordinary during the daytime but appear strange and forbidding at night.

, VIP party, and more! And while I continued to feature vendors on the TOYSREVIL blog, you might also want to hit up for further details, including entry tickets purchasable online! ( Note VIP tickets get one hour early admission to the show floor and exclusive access to products and

, But the venue was thrown a lifeline by Barking and Dagenham Council, who granted it an Asset of Community Value (ACV), thus saving it from demolition and development In its heyday, the hall was dark, sweaty and rammed now there s a new paving stone grey carpet and wedding style round tables, but

, (That s before the court became political like courts in third world countries rubber stamping leaders positions) I suspect, given the example you have I believe Tim Cook is barking up the wrong tree trying to fight this legal challenge, either on privacy or business practices Like I said they chipped away a

, Handmade eye sculptures by Milan based architect Stefano Prina The works were inspired by the expressive eyes of his dog Luchino and through research and his experience building scale models and mockups, has allowed him to develop a technique that explores all the permutations of color, shape

, (Their costumes in the fairy world were especially cool, as Titania arms seemed to be covered in bark like the limbs on a tree Bottom gets a cape to wear covered in flowers which had been Tatiana s blanket during her long slumber.) After the performance, there was a question answer session with the cast.

, sofubi collectibles produced by Max Toy Co themselves, along with superb hand painted customs by Mark himself on select figures, including beauties from @planetxasia (SEE my previous feature post) Scroll thru for some snaps of the booth in the convention floor, and the wondrous display of toyness!

, A fascinating look at the production of the visual effects for Game of Thrones by Pixomondo, an international creative design and visual effects studio which involved digital artists from nine of its twelve studios around the world A separate matte painting department was created in Stuttgart where

Mar , She is at a Chicago factory floor it s almost dawn Strange, fearful shadows Other senators have even said she s barking up the wrong tree but she won t give up Even the How do rubber pellet grenades and CS gas work when the people who are serious are hundreds of yard away Reply RAMROD

, Unbox Industries was represented at two locations in two different countries lat weekend, at both Beijing Toy Show, and as well in Singapore for the Edition of Singapore Toy, Games Comic Con! And at STGCC, Unbox was further represented in TWO sections of the convention floor too!

, The giant sculpture is sized meters tall, and is located in Changsha IFS th floor sculpture garden This is KAWS s first bronze permanent sculpture artwork in Greater China And with a life sized sculpture release, will we also see a collectible version being (eventually) released too Time will tell )

, Should that not be enough storage for you, the under floor cargo cubbies haven t been converted to batteries As you would expect, With this kind of forward thrust, FWD and low rolling resistance rubber, torque steer is present, fairly well controlled and strangely entertaining Front drive hoons will weep,

, The Dog Bark Park Inn is a quirky hotel shaped like a Beagle located in Cottonwood, Idaho The hotel was conceived by owners Dennis and Frances who are both wood carvers Sweet Willy, officially known as Dog Bark Park Inn, is one of America s latest additions to the type of roadside architecture

, This series is definitely one I am very proud of, same goes all my surf series I really wanted to take a more artistic approach with surfing photography rather then documenting surf from a journalism approach I think I am getting closer and closer to reaching my goal, but I always know I can keep getting

, A concept hotel located feet above sea level in the Swiss alps with no walls, roof or bathroom.

, New series of portraits constructed from film negatives and mounted on light boxes by London based artist Nick Gentry.

, ORIGINAL POST For the first time since the Monsters and Misfits IV exhibition in Shibuya Hikarie in il , Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd artist duo will be exhibiting works in Japan The exhibition, titled CURIOUS FOREST = FUSHIGI NO MORI will be set up in the Tomenosuke Booth @ the

the few occasions when it did manage to ring her dog always barked first Torn between curiosity to see this psychic dog and a realization that standard service An elephant is a mouse with an operating system who crossed a calculating machine with Goodyear rubber and got a computer that made snap decisions

, That s It is a line of experimental packaging made of biodegradable material used for organic cosmetics by Vilnius Academy of Arts graduate Austeja Platukyte.

, During winter, they spend their nights in a concrete building with a corrugated roof, a poured rubber floor and metal bars as thick as tree trunks That morning The keepers improvised, and the young elephant spent her first night in Toronto sharing the hippo exhibit with a group of barking seals Two days

, Long exposure photos of seascapes by Nathan Wirth combined with popular characters from films such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Godzilla, King Kong, etc that are meant to be nostalgic and to emulate the rudimentary special effects of early movies before the advent of CGI Wirth points out that the

, Beautiful bronze sculptures incorporating the element of water by Polish sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska.