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, This is what lets a newel post at the very bottom of the stairs maintain its stability while people pull and lean on the handrail And if This way I could get it in place and install the handrail with screws from the interior of the newel post, limiting the number of screws I d have to later wood fill on the outside.

, Cary Smith s hand painted precision am by Two Coats Staff Cary Smith, Stripes (with color border), , oil on linen, x inches Contributed by Sharon Butler In his second solo at Fredericks Freiser, Cary Smith presented a new group of his signature hard edged abstractions.

In Scotland, a writer disconnects from civilization and discovers something much more civilized Original scotland.jpg ixlib=rails Solitude in the outdoors was surely all the more healing for those of us who had not only the physical and moral pollution of industrialized society to escape, but also the

, Gentrification protests at Laura Owens Whitney exhibition, Magic Praxis w Susan Bee, Guantánamo Bay, Leonardo, New Museum Triennial artists.

, Hiking at Scotland s Aonach Eagach Ridge, a tough hike rewarded by killer views and beautiful surroundings Climbing to the My hiking companions, on the other hand, seemed winded This pleased Given this unhappy fact, a few steps were all it took to activate the fear center in my brain Don t do this,

Watch the sun set over the copper rooftops with soothing summer tunes and a drink in hand at Pura Vida Sky Bar As the Costa is actually a hostel Check out reviews and prices here Climb the stairs to heaven Bucharest to do list for this year, tick it off Bucharest also has a number of bus, trams, and light rail routes.

, He climbs the back steps and unlocks the screen door and the interior door, then locks them both behind him On vacation, he spends a good portion of his Mr Money Mustache, on the other hand, follows the opposite strategy when it comes to material possessions I never lock the house when I m home,

, The next step is likely to be further refinement of the technology, officials said, before decisions are made about whether the drones would be For the time being at least, you can rest assured, because there is at least one way to tell whether that hummingbird outside your window is indeed all that it

, Women, ohh women, chronic pain, chronic painting, the male gays, the steps, swastikas, portraiture, car accidents, Nochlin, Schnabel (does he even Faigeles has read The New York Times cover to cover on more than one occasion, reads The Brooklyn Rail when a friend sends her an article that is

, CALMatters dives into diabetes statistics in California Journalist Tom Chorneau shares his novel about fake news Folk singer Jessica Malone walks.

, It s been all over the map, but rarely has it oscillated between crippling boredom and going off the rails like it did so many times last season This finale doesn t have a huge fight showdown like last seasonthough it does have a fight between Bo and Tamsin that recalls some of the fun hand to hand

, I finally managed to convince the victim that the guy pointing was in on it too so he finally ran up the stairs after his wallet In the meantime I grabbed the shoulder On board we met an Australian couple who had been robbed just outside the Gare Du Nord station in Paris When they got out of their taxi they

, PolitiFact Editor Gregory Favre checks statements on the high cost of utilities in California Wine expert Rick Kushman shares tips for selecting the perfect bottle for Thanksgiving Vista Kicks perform new music from.

The one stop sourcebook for the considered home, guiding readers artfully through the remodeling and design process The definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces, with garden tours, hardscape help, plant primers, and daily design news Your resource for finding the best storage and home organization solutions for

, My friend and I understood little (our vocabulary extended only to soft fruits, garden equipment, and motivational lady talk), but hand gestures and facial iding to spend two months in Italy as part of our gap year inter rail, we contacted a couple of farms that sounded appealing, one in the northern

, Comfortable wider hand grip on top Carbon rails on the saddle connect to the seatpost, for which we picked Specialized s Pro Road Carbon Bolt As a journalist and writer, Regenold has covered the outdoors industry for nearly two decades, including as a correspondent for the New York Times.

, Political kie Ken Rudin recaps President Trump s visit to Asia Senator Holly Mitchell discusses sexual harassment issues at the California state capitol PRVLGS performs new music live in studio.

Known as The Voice of the American Revolution, Patrick Henry spent much of his life and career in Hanover County, Virginia, located outside of Richmond Henry kept this With a founding capital of ,, this Virginia institution was in step with Southern state banks in the antebellum period It was not until the

, We were on the boat from Stranraer in Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland, when I took myself to the bar, leaving my wife and our firstborn son, then Sea (pictured, file image), with plenty of gaps in the deck rails wide enough for an adventurous toddler to climb through and plunge into the water beneath.

, HNA pledges pc stake in Hong Kong property unit as collateral for loan Realtor signs are hung outside a newly sold property in a neighbourhood where houses regularly sell

, Assemblyman Travis Allen recently announced he s running for California governor as one of the few Republican contenders He makes an audacious clam about California crime in a new campaign ad PolitiFact s Chris Nichols put it to the test.

, But as a Mustachian, you ve learned to step back immediately and survey the scene from a broader perspective Suddenly A friend of mine did a year graduate training placement in London but managed to get her next placement in Scotland where her £K salary goes much further Edinburgh has a

, Altimeters aren t new, but they have fallen in price in recent years and are commonly included as a function in outdoor sports watches While an altimeter can be useful if you hike on trails, it really shines when you step off trail because you can use it to figure out if you re where you want to be or whether

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as we passed a steaming pile of bear poop after a freezing lunch on the summit of trail less Black Mountain, just outside of Jackson, NH I love the adventure, he I m still not sure where that logging road goes, but I knew we had a hand rail valley to our east and hiking to it got us where we wanted to go Total mileage

, It could be a significant week in the nation s Capitol with a vote expected on a controversial tax bill The BBC is watching Vice President Mike Pence s travel plans to the Middle East And James Rollins releases a new Signa Force novel.