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, Designed by RMJM in Zhuhai,China RMJM s Shenzhen studio has just been awarded the contract to build a metre public observation tower inspired by th

, The structure will house a restaurant, floating like a satellite feet above the airport, and on top of the glassed eating facility will be an observation deck with degree view of the million jet age airport The Theme Building is now one of L.A s most iconic buildings As The Times wrote in .

, News just broke that BIG has been commissioned to design a sleek ft tall mixed use observation tower for Phoenix, Arizona Quite possibly the city s new symbol

, Italian architect Carlo Ratti has unveiled plans to build a mile high observation tower, envisioned as a vertical alternative to New York s Central Park Measuring , metres high, the tower would be almost double the height of the world s tallest building the metre high Burj Khalifa It would be

, Once completed, the deck will be the fifth of its type in the city Observation decks can be found at the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and Rockefeller Center Related Companies Hudson Yards is also slated to have a observation deck The company expects the venture will be a very

, Think Empire State Building, Sears (Willis) Tower, Taipei , Shanghai World Financial Center, CN Tower, etc Library Tower s Below, are some pictures I took from the helipad of Library Tower that gives a good idea what the spectacular views would be like from an observation deck NORTH Looking

, Revised Hudson s site redevelopment plans in downtown Detroit call for a slightly less architecturally dramatic building, but will still offer an attractive revised plans include a residential tower that will be climb to near feet tall and includes an overhanging public observation deck near the top floor.

, The photographer is from Panogs, a company from Portland, Ore that produces gigapixel images, which are made out of thousands of high resolution photos He s running the robotic camera to build what s kind of like a tricked out version of Google Street View for One Liberty Observation k, the city s

, They are members of the public enjoying what was once the largest observation deck at JFK International Airport It encompassed all of the International Arrivals Building (IAB) and its East and West Wing, including piers, for over a decade after the terminal s opening in While the IAB roof was perhaps

, In , the building s owner Empire State Realty Trust became a publicly traded company, meaning that their quarterly and yearly earnings reports are a matter of public record In , while the building s two observation decks generated million ( of total revenue), its office space leases netted

, According to reports, a structure taller than the meter (, ft) Dubai landmark is being conceived This would make India home to Building in the World The floor Burj Khalifa also houses the world s highest observation deck that was built in , some years after the building opened to public.

, Curbed Chicago reports that Gensler is stepping in with its own supertall building The Gateway Tower will be the same height as the Chicago Spire, only without the twisting shape Gensler conceived a glass rectilinear structure with X bracing The tower bends at the base, and a supporting leg extends

, There are a number of different designs of observation hives already on the market, as well as plans for DIY versions, some of which are meant to be kept outside, and some of which can be mounted inside a building (although with a tube leading outdoors, so the bees can exit and enter the hive).

, attacks, will lay claim to the title of New York City s tallest skyscraper on Monday Workers will erect steel columns that will make its unfinished skeleton a little over , feet high, just enough to peak over the roof of the observation deck on the Empire State Building The milestone is a preliminary one.

, My first tip for photographers planning a Burj Khalifa climb The best photos of the ground below are to be found by sticking the snout of your camera through the open slots of the outdoor observation decks See the slots between the horizontal rails, below Use them if you dare! The tallest building in the

, The long awaited observation deck, which was planned when The Pyramid was first built but never was completed, will include a restaurant and glass bottomed observation decks that jut out from the structure The Springfield, Mo based retailer plans on opening its destination retail store and attraction

, Woodscrapers, the automobile industry s expansion into the tall building development business, and Nairobi s climb toward becoming Africa s skyscraper While marked the opening of U.S Bank Tower s Sky Slide, part of a growing trend towards refurbished observation decks in older buildings,

, BIG and developer awest are planning on building a giant pin observation tower in the heart of Phoenix to put it on the map.

, To celebrate the th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, the auto giant planned a photo opportunity that would appear to stretch the limits of possibility placing the edition of the iconic vehicle on the th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York City for a celebratory photoshoot,

, You don t hear sirens, you don t hear traffic You hear us There s nothing like that They saw it coming the mushroom cloud of smoke Dabney Tompkins and Alan Colley were on their deck enjoying the view when Stouts Creek Fire broke out earlier this month They d read about moments like this

, SHANGHAI Elevator rides are not usually worth documenting But when you step into the elevator at Shanghai Tower, people often pull out their cameras As the doors close, a screen at the elevator s front lights up to show you the car s location as it rises toward the building s newly opened observation

The homeowner is a fan of home improvement shows on television, and he turned that inspiration into the idea to build a huge wooden tower in his back yard The tower boasts six flights of stairs that take Spearman and his wife all the way to the top of the gigantic cliff, allowing them to tend their garden without risking life

Mar , The idea behind the residential tower was to provide residents with a full single family home in the sky, complete with a private garage and pool Building amenities include a spa, movie theater, and a ballroom, but it is the Dezervator that will likely be the major selling point for many a car aficionado.