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, The MyPower Energy Platform is built around a smart plug that sits between the wall outlet and the appliance to be monitored by the system, Professor Davis anticipates that the system would come bundled with a bulk SMS plan from a mobile provider if and when it becomes commercially available.

, There are many first class manufacturer of travel expedition vans like this one, companies like HRZ, CS, Woelcke or even Westfalia that have access to European quality components the know how Hymer just purchased Roadtrek but unfortunately corner are cut and the quality level goes down when

I completely agree with your comment, trucks are not a big thing in Europe so you very rarely see people rolling coal , not only is it not difficult to fill two tanks but most diesel have adblue refilled by the manufacturer each time the car is serviced so consumers don t even have to worry about that I ve never seen happen so

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, The designers claim that it is fitted with all essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or re supply. It has all the comforts of home a tiny kitchen, a bathroom with toilet and shower There is a pullout bed and lots of storage, all in a m ( ) by m ()

, The train rooftops have been fitted with custom built curved solar panels to charge the onboard batteries, which also d on a regenerative braking system said to recapture around Failing that, it can d power from the grid, which the company says is sourced from a local green energy provider.

, Powerhouse Kj?rbo is located near Oslo, and according to Powerhouse, it is Norway s first energy positive building and the first in the world to be renovated It comprises architecture firm Sn?hetta, construction company Skanska, environmental organization ZERO, aluminum supplier Hydro and property

, I wish I had snagged one of the original Transit Connect models at the end of their production when I saw a local Ford dealer hauling in the nd or rd load of the old model in their dealership parking lot Someone at that dealership was really on the smart list and understood the functionality and design

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