flooring ideas for outdoor balcony singapore

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, My favorite space is the balcony The perk of living in summer all year Singapore is the warm temperature and sunshine An outdoor living space therefore becomes an essential part of the lifestyle My balcony is influenced by both black and white style and a touch of East Asian influences It s just lovely to

, Glass lights set into the balcony floor allow for evening enjoyment too, providing a soft wash of light as the sun sets over the water The clients wanted a relaxed feel but not a beach one, says Marylou Sobel of Marylou Sobel Interior Design, who found inspiration for this outdoor space from the view

, These sounds seep into a room through those pathways known as windows and doors, as well as floors, walls and ceilings To decrease Some ideas to try Add inch thick acoustic panels Sheetrock, a terrible absorber of sound, can be the culprit of that tinnyness you hear when talking on the phone.

, Have you got your outdoor living space ready for summer weather Whether it s a tiny porch high above the city, a covered patio, a deck or, lucky you, an expansive backyard, curtains can turn your outdoor room into the perfect summer hangout Defining your outdoor space with gorgeous curtains instantly

, Get your party on outdoors even with minimal effort and a small budget we came up with the ideas so you have more time for fun A coffee table placed on colorful outdoor mats and surrounded with floor cushions makes a fun spot for a small dinner party to congregate at Set out colorful parasols,

, As the floor material for an outdoor dining room, lounge or firepit seating area, cut stone and flagstone form a durable base for furniture and garden accessories DIY If you re planning on tackling parts of the project or the whole thing yourself, take stock of your knowledge of landscape design and

, Feel the Magic of a Floor That Seems to Flow Right Outside Next thing I knew, I was on a high terrace overlooking the ocean Tervola Designs You can either use the exact same flooring material inside and outside as in the previous photos, or you can use materials so similar that they minimize the

Mar , Your turn How have you made the most of your outdoor balcony Take a photo and upload it to the Comments You may see your photo in a future ideabook for the Houzz homepage and newsletter! More The Joy of a Balcony Ideas for Your Little Slice of the Sky Expert Tips for Growing Edibles in

, Have your cooking and your nice weather too, with a kitchen setup that embraces indoor outdoor flow See if one of these ideas for opening up the kitchen gets your imagination flowing Here accordion style glass doors completely fold away at the end of the long kitchen to reveal a garden patio.

, Here are a dozen design ideas from urban gardens to inspire your own tranquil outdoor retreat, whether it s a narrow city backyard, a tiny balcony or an urban rooftop This London home has sliding floor to ceiling glass doors that open the living room and kitchen to the surrounding garden terrace.

, Do this first, so you won t have to clean the floor twice Traditional Patio by Glenna Partridge Garden Design Glenna Partridge Garden Design Get your watering system ready Whether you use a watering can or bring out the hose and turn the water back on for your outdoor faucets, your plants are going to

, Crunch the facts on gravel, flagstone, brick, tile and more with our mini guide to outdoor flooring surfaces concrete can be textured and colored to look like stone, seeded with pebbles, pocked with rock salt or stained with intense pigments to create bold designs Industrial k by jamesthomas Interiors.