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, Thanks to its green roof and a pergola built from discarded building materials, the interior space of the building is up to degrees Celsius cooler in the to art and design, and as the art installations grow, more design oriented sites around the city will be graced with these urban recycling installations.

, Pallets are one material that seems to spur an endless fountain of creativity DIYers are making anything and everything out of discarded shipping pallets! As an inexpensive But, if you need a great spot to host a barbecue or shoot the breeze with your buddies, you just can t beat a deck Here s Jodi to

, Composite This decking is made from wood fibers (usually recycled maple sawdust) and recycled plastic Dense You can find sustainably produced versions of most hardwoods, including bamboo, cedar, redwood and ipe Photos See thousands of deck designs Get help with your deck or patio.

, The interactive installation allows visitors to physically experience the building through the body in an entirely new way Sculptural seating and planted pergolas, made of natural and recycled materials, unite various parts of the piazza Once the summer session concludes, UNIRE UNITE will be dismantled

, You will be surprised how your garden or DIY outdoor home project will be enhanced with one of a kind green materials Consider second hand patio furniture from a garage sale that you repaint and give it a new look or look to the Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified wood or recycled plastics.

, There are lots of features that can be added to a backyard landscaping design like swimming pools and pergolas but probably the most attractive and your budget is a great factor too the cost of a fire pit can vary in terms of materials (river rock, recycled glass and lava rock), fuel costs (gas, propane,

day ago Discover the pros and cons of different types of outdoor furniture materials before you plan your backyard escape With patio furniture, you can extend your indoor style to your landscape or try something completely different You can Many are also made of recycled materials, making them eco friendly.

, One of the aims of the Organic London Skyscraper plan is also to show how the costs of building a skyscraper could be kept down The residents themselves would be producing the building blocks for the structure and Chartier Corbasson believes that, within a year, enough this recyclable waste materials

, From corrugated to recycled and reclaimed materials check out these garden fencing ideas to create an awesome looking garden fence Colorful bird houses in varied shapes and sizes can be placed on garden fences, lending a creative look to the whole green environment Look at these

, It s a conversation piece around our small town and we love making s mores, star gazing and relaxing here at the end of the day We are so excited to collaborate with Remodelaholic to bring you this tutorial so that you can create a retreat like this to enjoy at your own home! How to Build a Pergola with a

, Albeit not the most earth shattering design we have showcased on our site, there is value in looking at old materials anew, and in creating temporary, recyclable pavilions that have zero environmental impact Next year the project, which has dimensions of ,m x m x ,m, can be re assembled for

With this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture, you don t only add a touch of style but also attractiveness, both visually and effectively as the pergola can provide with The circular saw or skilsaw is the main tool but you will have to use a lot of other stuff go through the list of required materials, which include Wood chisel, line

, Cascades of Light was built with a metal framework and recycled plastic string that is often use in local rocking chairs Light streams through the clear strands and reflects through the waterfall of material Visitors can lounge inside the space, look up at the tree, the passing clouds and the sky The other

, The City of Orlando is seeking local fashion designers and artists to create innovative looks made from materials that would otherwise be headed to the landfill or recycling facility The designs will be featured at the Trash Trends runway event, a fundraiser for Keep Orlando Beautiful, that brings the fashion

A great craft project for young children is to recycle your own paper at home You can puree used paper and water in a blender and dry it on a screen to make your own recycled craft paper It makes a thick sturdy paper perfect for special notes or invitations One of the easiest craft supplies to be found is the newspaper

, We used PVC pipe which is not only extremely budget friendly but flexible enough to achieve the curved look we were going for in an above the fence arch For a more industrial or squared off look, metal piping could work just as well I ve detailed out the materials and entire step by step process we took

Joe Truini No matter where you shop these days, chances are you re going to come home with lots of small plastic bags The problem is, what do you do with them It s a waste to just toss them out In most communities, you can t recycle them So the best thing is to reuse them But then how do you store them neatly Well

candle holders from clay, wood, glass, recycled material It s no secret that I love to set a pretty table, and that quite often includes candles I ve shared several candle DIYs over the years and one that would be so appropriate for this end of summer and can be used year round is this tutorial for SEA SHELL SOY CANDLES.

, It is a refreshing new trend and restaurants made from recycled materials are emerging all over the world And the people were very creative in transforming recycled materials in the joints of the memorable meal Join us to explore these five restaurants will open their mouths wide issues than food too!

What s more, decking is made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice you can feel great about and multi unit residential complexes as it does for your own backyard, while Outdoor Furniture can be found in many coastal resorts under Pergola installations.

Four wheel drive means, or the all wheel drive means any terrain will work well If you want to use the bag you can I personally like to use a recycler mower only because I can recycle the clippings right into my lawn and feed the grass at the same time Now, if you re like me, and you need a little bit of help with whatever you

, For informal and creative gardens, it is stylish to use recycled materials and build garden walkways of salvaged wood, vintage bricks, and stones Anything can be recycled for crafts, garden art, and walkways and borders From glass bottles to wooden pieces to beach stones and bricks, plastic bottles and

This could be constructed of wood, brick or stone Construct a privacy fence Build high walls with a material of your choice and soften them up with vines and vertical hedges Install panels of curtains made of weather resistant fabric Build an overhead pergola and attach a wire mesh screening to the vertical portion and

, Eco Brooklyn does a lot of dumpster diving Most of the materials we use for jobs floors, decks, pergolas, paving, stairs comes from dumpsters in the New York area One reporter called it guerrilla green building. Salvaged Beams from Dumpster The very same wood from the image above was turned

, In terms of material, different types of wood will naturally have different colours and properties so it all depends on your price point There are boards made from Something else that will make your decked area look super impressive is building a pergola or wooden gazebo Because you can add things

, The Austrian manufacturers behind WOHNWAGON (Living Wagon) could help make your fantasy into reality Wrapped in a rounded, larch clad shell, this charming mobile home is an eco friendly and energy efficient gem built with locally sourced natural and recycled materials, a green roof, and solar