removing scratches from oiled decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, My husband and I recently bought the most beautiful, rustic acacia wood dining table However, a couple However, my husband s parents said NOT to use a wax but an oil instead Help! Sincerely, The finish of a piece of wood is the stain or varnish and that also acts as a protective barrier for your table.

, Boiled Linseed Oil is a great way to protect and beautify wood and metal items I have an old horse d n plow that I am cleaning They looked very distressed and stains scratches marks, but we loved them that way and chose to use boiled linseed oil because we could maintain it in spots as needed.

Pure tung oil has relatively poor penetration, and scratches that penetrate the finish can expose the bare wood beneath If you want to remove the tung oil within hours of application, you can flood the area with a tung oil thinner (such as turpentine, naptha, xylene, or Sutherland Welles Ltd Di citrusol) and use

, The slightly scratched teak table you scored at an antique fair Your year old wood floors Make them shiny and new with one of these simple wood cleaning recipes (chances are you can make one with ingredients you already own.) Try this essential oil cleaner from A Bowl Full of Lemons.