idea to disguise an ugly outside wall

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, While mowing out there I said to myself I m so sick of looking at this ugly mess that I m going to do something about it (Below are a few photo shopped ideas I came up with) Log Home Exterior Basement Wall Mockup Using Paint, Adding Shutter and Landscaping Hubby and I had planned on him doing all

, This is an idea I ve been sitting on since mid but I came to the conclusion that even if I spent thousands on patents the Chinese would still copy the idea Therefore I Biohome mini Ultra A smaller version of Ultra, perfect for external filters, sumps, overhead filters, trickle filters and internal filters.

, Anywho, I was recently brainstorming with a friend about where to hide the super ugly trash bin that I ve been lazily stashing in front of the garage door My friend Jacque and I were kicking around a few ideas for a good place to store them, and I just couldn t seem to pull the trigger and make a decision.

, Today I want to share some terrific dorm room ideas that will have that cinder block room with ugly oak furniture looking adorable in no time! Affiliate links to product sources then try these ideas Dorm Dresser Update Cover the exterior of your dresser with wrapping paper, or scrapbook paper Attach the

, See the Things You ll Need to Float Your TV Away From the Wall Hiding the back of the TV makes seeing it from outside no worse than seeing the backs of chairs or other furniture Again, it is essential that your Hiding the cord cover If you can t find a cord cover that matches your floor, here s an idea.

Disguise a wall mural or ugly paint with these simple, budget friendly tricks wall covering ideas for renters at View Along the Way (If you have a similar situation but with a slightly less offensive wall mural maybe ugly tile or something you could work with it by bringing out the colors in your decor, or trying to

, It s just so ugly and I also don t understand how smooth walls are more expensive when they are the standard in most other countries states What are they doing differently Some of the walls in our house are crooked and the texture does nothing to hide it, and our house is less than years old, so I don t

, Then I saw the House of Smith s installed their own gorgeous planked walls using ripped plywood planks and two nickels Save For outside corners, add corner molding below the Howe casing by nailing it in place and then caulking the seams But, my son s artwork disguises the ugly box Save.

, Idea to hide a thermostat that s in an ugly place on your wall Granted, they are vital to our home, but their big whiteness on my wall just stared at me every day I added a white garden gnome plant pick I bought at Target last year and a disco ball on a piece of twine that my friend Nester sent to me.

, Below, a canvas is cleverly used to cover a thermostat diy wall canvas to hide thermostats how to tips advice And same idea here canvas art hiding wall thermostat how to tips advice If it s an electrical outlet that has you down, take a look at how one homeowner took care of the problem in a kitchen .

Mar , This Simple orating book may be small, but don t let the size fool you! It s filled with ideas to help you make a home you can t wait to come home to.

, I could only find pictures of rugs in pretty bathrooms (like this one from The Socialite Family, via Apartment Therapy), but you get the idea you can use a Cover the walls of your bathroom with (inexpensive) art (as seen here in Adrien Jon s California home), and suddenly no one will notice those dingy