corrugated metal for concrete deck load carrying data

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, CLT is a manufactured wood product used for load bearing wall, floor, and roof panels made of dimensional lumber and adhesive The panels are Its designers say that it can be used in place of steel and concrete to construct high rise buildings, since it has nearly the strength of concrete with less weight.

The cellular decking unit is assembled from upper and lower metal sheets arranged so as to provide laterally open channels The channels are adapted to This reduction in metal quantity, however, does not necessarily impair the load carrying capacity of the finished assembly In addition, the lateral raceways may be

The structural panels are fabricated, oriented depending upon the load bearing characteristics of each individual panel, interfitted and assembled to provide an assembly of structural panels with is a connection detail for a modular structural member exterior wall at a concrete slab with a metal channel sill FIG is a

The strength of the translucent panels is not sufficient to prevent a person who steps thereon from crashing downwardly through the translucent panel and falling feet to a concrete floor Where the sheet metal roof panels are flat, the skylight fall protection safety panel would also be flat The skylight fall protection

To make precast concrete sandwich panels, a first concrete slab is formed having embedded in it one end of connectors which extend from it s surface in two Typically, it is a grid of steel rods elevated from the bottom of the form work in a conventional manner such as by passing the ends through holes in the forms so that

The trailer chassis is fitted with pivoting deck panels to facilitate convenient and safe loading of the glass and to provide additional deck area for other cargo The trailer structure is also capable of carrying crated sheet glass of various dimension, as well as other frangible sheet material, such as concrete panels.

The support member, wood, steel, or the like is attached to a system of load carrying components to control the pressure or weight of a concrete form or slab Plywood or other forms of sheathing is attached to the support member to mold or form the surface of structural concrete The load carrying components are spaced

EB Load carrying floor structures formed substantially of prefabricated units with beams or slabs of concrete or other stone like material, e.g asbestos said beams is formed of relatively thin rolled and bent sheet metal resting upon spaced roof support members inclined at a substantial angle with respect to vertical,

adjustment of the joist spacing and concrete thickness to achieve load sharing between the joists use of steel tubular sleeves over the self drilling, self tapping screws to provide a composite action between the concrete deck and the thin section steel joist the joist connection to the beam allowing the joist to provide lateral

Second, the FRP composite panels of the present invention have enhanced load bearing and interlocking capacity as compared to conventional FRP floor Example exterior layers include concrete, polymer concrete, asphalt, drywall, paneling, sheet metal, grating, or the like, depending on the specific application of the

A steel joist formwork and a composite steel and concrete floor structure provided with a top chord, a bottom chord and a web joining the top and bottom joists themselves carry the construction loads and the completed composite floor system has adequate strength to carry all design loads once the construction has been

The placed concrete encapsulates the upper non threaded shank portions of the stand off screws and the end of the joists After the concrete has cured, the resultant system comprised of steel joists, steel decking, stand off screws, and concrete, act together to form a composite system with greater load carrying capacity and

, Data cables passing through steel conduit sleeves that have not yet been cemented into the masonry and without the sealant applied to close the space between the cables and the inside of the sleeves Four pipes penetrating a two hour rated structural concrete floor, each with its Photo shows four

An improved cold formed, sheet metal profiled building unit and method of making the same are disclosed The building unit Roll formed sheet metal decking units currently present integral embossments, indents and formed ribs that interlock with a layer of concrete poured thereover to provide a composite floor slab.

This system utilizes the cold formed steel framing members, such as the wall girts shipped with a particular building package, to be first utilized as slab foundation forming elements before being framed into Established proprietary concrete forming systems include such ones as Metaform , which are of folded sheet metal.

In what might be characterized as the smaller half of this spectrum of designs are found circular and elliptical concrete culverts, corrugated metal culverts, box sizes and those fabricated of corrugated metal, however, do require carefully and properly compacted backfill in order to achieve their rated load carrying capacity.

EB Load carrying floor structures formed substantially of prefabricated units with metal beams or girders, e.g with steel lattice girders a floor diaphragm of corrugated metal deck and a concrete slab, may have a higher specific stiffness than the floor system of open bar joists, the floor diaphragm of corrugated metal

A rapidly erectable lightweight load resisting system for the construction of buried arched bridges, tunnels, underground bunkers or storage facilities, and hangars is that, while metallic and steel reinforced concrete are widely used and accepted in the construction of many structures, the reinforced concrete structures are

The advantageous use of corrugated metal deck members, having alternating ribs and valleys and an overlying layer of concrete with which it coacts in a the type of metal deck used for the slab construction to give the desired load bearing properties for the slab beam construction, more of which will be discussed shortly.

A metal cellular decking section comprising a fluted upper element and a lower element secured to the upper element along contiguous portions thereof The present invention also provides improvements in the method of manufacturing a metal cellular decking section wherein a corrugated upper metal sheet presenting

Concrete structures and panels are used to provide the load bearing capacity and to carry the loads or stresses of the structure Vertical panels or walls are used To create a roof system that can withstand hurricane force winds, concrete is typically poured on top of the corrugated metal deck Then, insulation is attached to

When using steel supported concrete floors in a building, the conventional practice is to erect the steel joists on support walls and to pour each concrete floor hemispheres, and like structures which carry compression forces from loads supported by them and tension forces caused by the load seeking to spread the ring.

The resulting floor develops predictable and reliable composite coaction between the concrete layer and the sheet metal decking units throughout the lifetime ofthe building Hence the compressive load bearing properties of the concrete can be utilized in the resultant composite floor The resultant composite floor becomes.

The present disclosure provides a corrugated concrete wall panel form and a method of constructing a prefabricated concrete wall panel thereof is a cross section view of a finished concrete non load bearing panel, which is made from concrete and corrugated metal sheets, serving as an architectural exterior cladding

The hollow spaces created by the corrugated sheet metal decking are used as distribution cells for wire and cable The decking also serves as a platform for Since junction boxes are in the concrete floor before walls are erected, the access covers must be able to support construction loads After building construction is

One embodiment comprises a joist end bearing condition wherein a joist rim is supported on a support structure adjacent to a bearing wall and attached thereto Joists are attached to Concrete is then poured over steel decking material or precast concrete slabs may be installed to form the floor In other arrangements