bamboo pvc leisure park benches

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, Tamara Orjola makes furniture and textiles using pine needles imon Kern designs chair using recycled fallen leaves instead of plastic Felix P?ttinger s biodegradable POC packaging is made from seagrass GTP melts rock from Chilean volcanoes to create Remolten furniture Studio Nienke Hoogvliet

, The bench was put up in Keighley Town Hall Square last year in memory of councillor Andrea Walker s daughter, Ellie, who tragically died in uary from blood poisoning at the age of three.

, SelgasCano is known for creating transparent and open buildings In the firm created a colourful plastic wrapped Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, while its plant filled co working space for Second Home in Lisbon occupies a , square metre open plan space inside a historic market hall.

, Secret knitters have been pulling the wool over the eyes of a quiet seaside town by introducing a host of crafted characters But who could these yarnstormers be Kathryn Knight gets down to the knitty gritty.

, Installation is inhabitable urban furniture located in the middle of Mellat Park in Tehran, made by rotating steel sections in space and lacing them To celebrate Noche en Blanco (Night in White), an important holiday in Malaga, Spain, these students built an ephemeral cave for the city using fabric.

, Wild Animal Sanctuary rescued an ostrich and bears The cage has no bottom They were slowly walking the cage along as the ostrich was walking inside the cage They d stop every now and then and give the big bird a break Old lemur cage There were PVC tube in a bunch of the cages so guests could

, The windows and doors are made with fiberglass frames, which don t expand and contract in the severe cold and heat that we get here It s structurally strong, doesn t conduct heat, and doesn t off gas like PVC does Maison Durable Portneuf, eco home, Quebec st bale home, st bale, Portneuf

Mar , Dutch designers Tejo Remy René Veenhuizen have designed a collection of furniture that looks inflated but is actually made of cast concrete The series includes prototypes of two chairs, a bench and table that have been cast inside plastic sheeting and reinforced with steel rods and metal fibres.

, The action figure measures inches high and is made of PVC The box it comes with presents fun facts about the artist and some of his most recognizable masterpieces can be cut out to make a paper easel Hopefully, this figure would be the first in a series of many others featuring art history heroes.

, Royal College of Art graduate Micaella Pedros has repurposed discarded plastic bottles into joints that can be used to hold wooden furniture together.

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