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, Another option (if your inspector allows it) is to wire on a cord and simply plug the furnace into a nearby electrical outlet Financially the extremely low price of natural gas means gas furnaces are still the cheapest to operate, so if you re limited financially it would probably make sense to install a gas

, Cheap, durable, versatile, long lasting, and easy those are words not usually associated with tomatoes But they certainly apply well to this trellis using concrete reinforcing wire Materials To build this trellis, you really just need things a sheet of concrete reinforcing wire, zipties, two cedar posts, and a

, The recent price increase stems from a rush to procure tariff free solar panels over the summer with the potential for new tariffs looming U.S developers bad signal to investors It s a bad signal to people who were on the fence with regard to funding or investing in PV or renewable energy more broadly.

, Put up worthless chicken fence Borrow MIL s boss s brother s manual transmission, diesel, ft flatbed with a lift and drive mph to the Tractor Supply, never killing the engine Go home and bang in U posts in a relatively straight line, attach panel with zip ties and install an adjust a gate from Depot.

comparison of two vinyl picket fence designs in different price ranges View as slideshow Photo by Ted Morrison Sapling fences sprang up in colonial times, their sharp points a reminder to keep one s distance Over the preassmbled panels and hollow posts on the high end new england scalloped square vinyl picket.

, Though solar panels definitely hog the renewable energy stage when it comes to home installations, a number of new, innovative wind turbines have roof, some you ll need a bit of a yard (and a dearth of neighbors) to install and they vary in price from affordable to when am I going to actually pay this off

, I needed a compost solution fast (and cheap!), so I made a compost bin with two store bought materials and three tools Here s how Because of the wire construction, air will flow through this easily giving the compost plenty of room to breathe This cost me a total of and took only minutes to complete

Supplies x wooden posts OR half posts garden posts OR T posts × GA OR GA welded wire fence Zip ties ? poultry net staples (like this) Metal wire Optional, but recommended hardware cloth If you want to avoid the cost of hardware cloth, another option is to lock up the chickens in the coop at night.

, And cheap of course, is relative, as they re a lot cheaper than replacing the entire TV But think about why they re cheaper now than they were These underwriters aren t doing you a favor, they price their policies based on what the market determines If TVs were breaking all over the place, the price would

Mar , He also loves to eat my garden and he managed to bust through the cheap wire fencing I put up a long time ago I had some pretty crazy ideas for this, but I was really excited to find there were some easier DIY s for this that involved less supplies, less store runs, and less time putting it altogether Phew.