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, George Lucas hasn t kicked up a fuss about it (the Lucas empire might now know about it yet) but, once more people have D printers, companies are likely to be more concerned about what CAD files are being shared Even sites that make you pay for designs could charge less than it costs to buy the real

, From under the shaded shadows of Silverado to the twisted grip of Enron, through the soaring cost of oil and gas well on into the accumulation of wealth by the banks amidst the worst recession since the great depression, compounded by the gambling gain of Wall Street We have all seen the price of

, Neoclassical on the outside, a Netherlands home gets a long wanted renovation inside, including a kitchen addition to suit its family today.

, While the dogs walked around the pen, the sheep s heart rates held steady between and beats per minute But when the dogs lunged to attack, the woolly animals freaked out, and their hearts rates shot up to beats per minute The proposed collar would sense this spike and automatically send

, He chose to build his pyramid just outside the east wall surrounding the Step Pyramid, but it was a shoddy affair proudly claimed that Iufaa was one of their noble ancestors, and they would carry his coffin on their shoulders all the way to the place where a more fitting vehicle (a panel van!) was waiting.

, two bedrooms, a media room, and living room take on a rather rustic feel the ground level is mostly open with the entire second story supported by the outer stone walls the living room is sunken into the ground, wrapped in maneuverable glass panels that allow the space to be used for concerts, individual

, infection rates greater than percent Light blue one percent More about map here When most people think of malaria, they usually think of its most deadly variety, caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, the form most prevalent in Africa But it s not the only one a second type, Plasmodium vivax,

, Even when drugs are approved by the FDA, it may not be entirely clear how they work, just that they do And sometimes, the FDA label describing how they work is actually wrong, as is the case with the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B The pill and others like it, which are to be taken as a last ditch birth

Mar , C difficile For frequent readers of this blog and Carl Zimmer s The Loom, the bacterium Clostridium difficile may ring a bell It s a germ that can cause devastating, intractable gut infections, and is one of the reasons behind the recent development of fecal transplants to try to give the patient healthy gut

, Textured Wood Pallet or These vertical wooden panelspainted with a nice texturewould be a great overlay on any wall You could either light up a solid white wall or overlay these on any type of texture Reclaimed Pallet Wall oration These repurposed pallet walls would make great church

, Nuclear power depends on a steady supply of uranium The good news is that we have at least a hundred years worth of uranium The bad news is that both demand for uranium and the price of production are risingand a hundred years isn t all that long To reinforce our stock of uranium, researchers

, He didn t want to buy a , unit run of one design and send a container full of them from China to Kenya, wasn t happy with the aesthetic quality I created shelving by welding tubing into a long L , covering the base with expanded metal, and welding this directly to the wall and ceiling of the

, The levels of exposure for civilians was much, much smaller, and neither employees nor civilians are expected to have statistically higher rates of cancer But not everyone Nature News spoke to was totally at ease with the reports after the way the Japanese government and energy utilities handled the

, What s the News Topping the list of things you don t want hacked is your heart And with , medical devices such as pacemakers and drug pumps implanted each year, many of which can be controlled through wireless signals, that might soon be a real risk for patients to consider To prevent such

, What s the News In the animal kingdom, prey species must follow one rule above all others keep away from predators To do this, some animals take chemical cues from the urine they stumble upon Now, new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science has identified a

, Customers pay a small installation fee, and Off Grid puts a self sustaining solar system on their house, complete with panels, lithium battery, super efficient lights, There s huge potential, as there are million homes without electricity in Tanzania and another million right across the border in Kenya.

Mar , making clever use of an old pub yard enclosed by aged white brick walls, the strange house for architect hugh strange of london based hugh strange architects turns an otherwise unused (left) space between the home and brick wall (right) a single window illuminates the nicaraguan wood panel walls.

, living room with small tunnel in the white wall to the hallway yuuki kitada apartment brooklyn new york (left) living room with lighting (right) the kitchen yuuki kitada apartment brooklyn new york vanity with picture frame like lighting panels yuuki kitada apartment brooklyn new york long hall way with

, (Similar techniques have been used to make GM plants like corn and soy infertile, a controversial tactic that forces farmers to buy new seeds each year.) In the case of the eucalyptus trees, ArborGen restricts their pollen production with a bacterial gene that produces a toxic enzyme called barnase that slices

, With expert color matching repairs are done quickly and effectively Live demonstrations and seminars are done to bring the decorative arts a little closer to both the general public and businesses Grotesque ornamental painting on Distressed faux wood panel Previous Murals, Buy One Get One Free

, This is a more affordable option a few panels posted on a board or a screen Panels in I found just enough Schumacher Mandarin Peony wallpaper in Pear to frame and put on one wall so beautiful Can t do all If anyone knows of a nice reasonably priced pattern I would love to know!!! Bedroom

, Wheat harvest New York artist and OKC native brings installations inspired by Vermeer to Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center From a white wall in a New York based artist and Oklahoma City native Summer Wheat works on Rainbow Arcade, an installation of faux stained glass panels that cover the

, PZQ has high efficacy, excellent tolerability, few and transient side effects, ease of distribution and competitive cost [,] of testis degeneration with giant membranous bodies within the lobes, disorganization of both basal lamina and circular muscles at the follicular wall compared to untreated samples.