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, While the above ground space only dropped by a couple hundred square feet (from to ), this move also cost me my nicely finished basement, Vents are normally required by code to prevent moisture build up and condensation on the inside surface of the roof deck (although I can tell it s a very

, Appraisers measure and calculate the square footage to be used in their appraisal as a result, comparable sales are chosen and adjustments are made to the Garages, porches, balconies, decks, chimneys and windows that do not project to the floor should not be included in the TLA, but instead are

Calculate Square Footage for Roofing Materials Next, you will need to multiply your calculated porch square footage (as done above) by a factor correlated to the slope of your roof We ve provided those factors for you to make it easy.

, Square foot pricing is a method to roughly compare construction costs for two similar houses, houses in different parts of the country and houses with different characteristics But square foot pricing is not a reliable method for determining how much a particular design is going to cost to build In addition to

, You and your listing agent challenge the appraisal and demand to see what sort of comparable sales and other calculations were used to come up with a its condition, location and view rather than more objectively determinable items such as living space square footage, lot size, numbers of baths

, COUNT IT (photo by Flickr user jcestnik) The bulletin included a supplemental document intended to assist agents in determining the square footage of homes they list It included such interesting tips as measuring the exterior of the home over the siding to determine the total square footage, and to include

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, Conversion of a Vancouver Single Room Occupancy flophouse into tiny apartments shows how to get a lot out of a little.

A good conservative value for deck live load plus dead load appears to be PSF http building_ .html Most codes require a deck to support an estimated live load of pounds per square foot (psf) combined with a psf dead load for a total of psf However

, Tesla s estimate of per square foot is based on a roof that s solar tiles CEO Elon Musk said most roofs would likely be around , but depending on the home, it could be To help put the cost into perspective, a Tesla Solar Roof for a home needing , square feet of roofing would cost

newspaper bags, grocery and shopping bags annually salvages and keeps more than million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills That makes one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S In fact, the average square foot composite deck contains , recycled plastic bags.

This technique simply requires that the carpenter create a triangle in the corner of the lines that are to be square ( degrees) to each other The triangle must have One side ( triangle leg) that is feet long A second side (triangle leg) that is feet long A third side, connecting the two legs measuring feet long.

, For square feet, we recommend people for those who haven t done this job before With some practice, it can be done with , but no less For very large areas, we recommend breaking up the job into multiple pours over several days Plan out the Pour in Advance and Prep all Materials The key to a