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Once the clinician has determined that the jaw members are properly gripping tissue, the clinician can then fire the surgical stapler with a single firing stroke, To ensure disengagement of the tip under high load conditions and at nearly full distal travel of the pawl , the right side of the pawl ramps up onto

In particular, it would be desirable to find a composition that is strong yet has adhesive characteristics and the ability to be applied using adhesive technology and In a particular embodiment the present invention is directed to a polyolefin polymer produced by copolymerizing one or more C or higher alpha olefins

The above described problems are solved and a technical advance achieved in the field by the system for customized electronic identification of desirable objects in Similarly, in the dating service domain where target objects are prospective romantic partners, the system has only received feedback on old flames, not on

For example, a surface treatment such as a coating may impregnate a porous and or semi porous material such as the surface of an object (e.g high surface area porous stone , in Organic Coatings Science and Technology, Volume Film Formation, Components, and Appearance, nd Edition, pp.

, Riding high on R amp D activities, the shipping industry has developed some potentially revolutionary technologies material (i.e steel), buckypaper is th the weight of steel but potentially times stronger in strength and times harder than diamond when its sheets are compiled to form a composite.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to mph, it features a powerful hp small block V in addition to an eye catching all wood composite construction Check it out The ASUS Zenbo personal home robot may soon be the newest and most high tech member of your family This little Marge Simpson Skateboard k.

TECHNICAL FIELD The invention relates to the preparation of fire resistant building materials More particularly, the invention relates to fire resistant panel , the present invention relates to a fireproof or fire resistant panel material , such as a board, that offers a combination of a high degree of fire resistance,

However, the irreversibility of their cross links is severely limiting and many applications would benefit enormously from new technologies allowing for Moreover, enhanced retention of these retardants would enable application at sites of particularly high fire danger (e.g roadsides or targets for lightning strikes),

Mar , Angus Fire s HI COMBAT II hose sets the standards for excellence and technology in fire hose products designed to make firefighting safer and more efficient Hi Combat II is more flexible and has a higher burst pressure than traditional attack lines Hi Combat II was designed to address situations where

TECHNICAL FIELD Endoscopic forceps utilize mechanical action to constrict, grasp, dissect and or clamp tissue Endoscopic electrosurgical forceps utilize and insulative materials on the electrically conductive surfaces to create stop members a g, e.g High velocity Oxy fuel deposition, plasma deposition, etc.

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When strength is to be maximized, the amount of coarse aggregate is maintained at high levels (see generally, Kosmatka et al Design and Control of Concrete The polymer particles can include customary ingredients and additives, such as, flame retardants, pigments, dyes, colorants, plasticizers, mold release agents,

Induction heating and control system and method with high reliability and advanced performance features The present invention utilizes advanced technology and systems design to provide the long term reliability and performance needed by both commercial and residential users of induction ranges In order for an

This results in a sturdy structure with integrated high insulation ( ) and ( ) in walls and roof Metal nailers ( ) with the polystyrene foam strips It also requires a factory, specialized machinery, technical personnel, and a market absorbing the planned production Panels require warehouse space, and transport

California High Speed Rail Authority The projected cost of California s bullet train between San Francisco and Los Angeles has jumped to billion and the the company (a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc itself an offshoot of Google) confirmed rumors that it has been working on self driving truck technology for the past year

Disclosed are materials and processes for obtaining improved resistance to fire and flame for polymer composites, using a flame and fire retardant system The brominated compounds are the most important of the organic flame and fire retardants because of their high performance efficiency, particularly when

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, The new Five Star Gen body was unveiled to the general public at the PRI Show this morning Here are some facts, photos, and pricing on the new body First why a new body The new body was designed to provide an updated look, add updated safety features, and improve ease of tech Upgrades.

, entitled Light Weight Concrete Composite Using EPS Beads and , filed up until now have generally required the addition of various constituents to achieve a strong but lightweight concrete mass that has a high homogeneity of constituents and which is uniformly bonded throughout the mass.

ogy, are unknown but are judged by some scientists to have a high risk of being nega tive from an Avoid composite materials, and make inseparable products from technical basis of wealth or in crease the resource productivity by at least a factor on the average. Definition of FACTOR to Achieve Sustain .

The present invention concerns paper coating technology and how it can be used to provide coated paper and desirable articles from coated paper In particular, the present The coating can include a higher molecular weight polylactide composition for providing the desired finished texture Alternatively, the layer

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