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, It is lushly landscaped and a wonderful retreat from the parks There is a Now that my littles are a little bigger, they also really enjoy the ping pong table on the pool deck! There is a The other way we use the balcony is by winding down after an afternoon in the parks with a glass of wine and a snack.

, However, the deck table could have been pulled over to the railing and someone could go over literally in the blink of an eye If you are looking for a We choose AM and are always on the boat by with a good couple of hours to enjoy the pools and AquaDuck before the crowds We arrive at the

, The pool is completely covered with dark stone so that the city can be reflected in its entirety in the water, Kedem told Dezeen Antokolsky penthouse by Pitsou Kedem Frangipani trees border the balcony, designed to mirror the flora often found in traditional Tel Aviv gardens, while an external dining area

, The kitchenette area includes an under the counter refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker and small sink A start up supply of coffee is provided in addition to coffee mugs, glasses, paper bowls and plates, and plastic cutlery The picturesque view can be enjoyed from the private balcony or patio.

Mar , The volume is bordered on both sides by terraces one for growing edible plants, the other for relaxing and entertaining Continuing upward through a top lit stair hall that admits daylight to the core of the house, one arrives at the twin roof gardens, HBRA said Lincoln Park Townhouse by HBRA.

, A outdoor staircase lead up from the third balcony to the roof terrace, which features an al fresco dining area with plants built into the decking Balcony In the residential area which have a low rise building apartment complex and new houses with small balconies, we designed RC floor house In Japan

, Different from the modern city built of concrete, glass and steel, the Agora Garden tower appears in an urban centre as a green twisted mountain, says the architect Agora Garden by Vincent Callebaut Architectures Balconies on each floor will be filled with plants, vegetable gardens and fruit trees,

, Read this article for important tips on how to keep your family and home safe when a hurricane catches you unprepared Secure Outdoor Furniture Loose items in your yard can become flying projectiles during a hurricane due to high winds Move any Avoid parking cars near power lines or trees.

days ago Case Study Villa by William Tozer The dining area and kitchen is lined with sliding glazed doors that open onto a decked patio, while a space between the new games room and garage at the side of the house contains a smaller deck and lawn The dimensions of the outdoor spaces and their positioning

, In spring, gardens burst into life Weeds do too, and they can be the bane of a gardener s existence Rather than waging an all out war, our efforts to manage weeds can be more effective when we understand the roles they play in our ecosystem by Abundant City Abundant City Understanding Weeds

, Three men and three women in their early s died following the collapse, officials told reporters Five of the victims were from Ireland and one was from California, said Sgt J.D Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff s Department Those Irish citizens who fell from the balcony at the Library Gardens

, We spent more than hours conducting extensive research on Phoenix apartments, neighborhoods and residential options to determine the city s best Outdoor entertainment areas including a pool deck, grilling stations and fire pits are perfect for kicking back and enjoying the views of Camelback

, Constructed objects, sited and themed appropriately, can make a good garden great Cairns, such as the one seen here, historically were built as trail markers to keep people on course Their historical purpose makes them an appropriate choice for a forest garden Rebar, PVC and clay can all be moulded

, These decks run along the outer walls of the two crooked concrete blocks that make up the apartment estate They flank a large communal garden with a mound and play parks, protecting it from the view and noise of two main roads that pass the site Balconies on these inner facade look out over the

, It can be tempting to buy these nursery grown seedlings, especially if you re new to gardening but are they really the right choice for you Holding the seedling horizontally, use one hand to gently squeeze the plastic container until the plant comes loose, and use your other hand to support the plant s

, From the upper deck, I could look down to three different levels of gourds underneath these structures grew Asian greens, herbs and other shade loving veggies.

, Glazed pool and perforated shutters offer Copacabana views from Rio de eiro hotel A restaurant behind the pool opens out onto a deck, furnished by sunbathing beds and large umbrellas A rooftop pool with glass edge provides the sensation of floating in the sky above one of the most beautiful

, You may have spent a spring break (or two) in Panama Beach City, Florida, or lived vicariously through the revelry broadcast on MTV Spring Break, which Beyond the pools and beach, there s plenty more for kids to do, including a foot Sky Trail obstacle course, movies on the pool deck, and Kids Night

, But the client placed a further condition on the build that the garden had to remain as untouched as possible The architects response was to create two elevated spaces an enclosed office made from glass and concrete, and a terrace covered in dark wood decking Project La Capsula by Noborders

Mar , Architecture firm Zeller Moye has outfitted an old residence with a sp ling rooftop garden, serving as a getaway within a crowded neighbourhood in the Mexican capital Previously a dilapidated Art o townhouse, Case Verne stands in the centre of the Mexican capital and was overhauled by the firm