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How to Build a Garden Gate Prices don t include posts, capsor installation, which is key to performance over the long haul Budget Installation budget grand illusions classic victorian scalloped vinyl picket fence View as slideshow Photo by Ted Morrison Panels are preassembled and snap into hollow posts (longer

Mar , He gets logs, mulch, rocks, plastic toys, and the worst Our compost He likes to grab an old banana peel and drag it back inside to snack on Ewwww So gross He also loves to eat my garden and he managed to bust through the cheap wire fencing I put up a long time ago We have a big fenced yard, but

Garage Sale Stickers ( optional) We are talking shingles off the roof, giant tree in our backyard uprooted, and neighbor s trampolines flying over fences Solar outdoor lamp The only thing I wonder about is cleaning the lampshade if it gets dirty It is plastic with canvas on the outside so I should be able to scrub it.

, Walls and fences Fenced yard A wooden fenced coupled with a shorter retaining wall and greenery create a cozy outdoor space in Marblehead, MA Building a wall or fence is, perhaps, Vinyl fencing resists discoloring and is available in a wide range of styles and colors Stone and brick can be used to

, Multistemmed trees add structure throughout the year, even when they ve lost their leaves, and traditional hedges are much softer and cheaper to install than a hard fence or wall Contemporary Landscape by The Garden Builders The Garden Builders D on local expertise We can t all be experts in the

, These popular yard sale items are selling like crazy! Do you have any in Kids Outdoor Toys You know those large plastic things that cost a fortune new These get snapped up quickly at yard sales, especially when in good condition! I resold a climber I d bought at a consignment sale FOR THE SAME

, Depending on the amount of money you can spend, fences are one way to keep deer out of your garden The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers a list of methods that can be employed to keep rabbits away from your garden, including using plastic snakes and owls to scare away rabbits.

, Homes with shingles or vinyl siding should have trellises, as vines grown directly on these surfaces can loosen and break shingles and pull off siding Vines can trap If keeping a vine covered exterior in line sounds like too much trouble, why not try a vine covered garden wall instead It has all of the