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, MOON is the first topographically accurate lunar globe by London based French multidisciplinary designer Oscar Lhermitte in collaboration with Kudu, a design studio that specialized in prototyping and development.

The resort s lobby, a combination of white wicker, hardwood floors and high ceilings bring seacoast imagery to the forefront The landscaping is also reminiscent of a New England style with magnolias, Japanese elms, Bradford pear trees, crape myrtle, gardenias and roses lining the courtyards and walkways True to the

, rypted Savants D ing by Samuel Gomez Sunken Pedestrian Bridge Papercut Art by Pippa Dyrlaga Western Gothic Photos by Brendon Burton Explosion Collages by Fabian Oefner Antisocial Photos by Mike Campau Voltige Animation by Léo Brunel Everyday Art Project by Mike Winkelman.

, Poison spitting piranha plants and Bowser s tanks patrol the roads leading to the Garden Towers, and it s up to Mario to save the day There are two Return to the Odyssey Landing Zone with a tank from the Summit Path and destroy the rock blocks to discover a hidden Power Moon location Shopping

, Clever mashups by Ukrainian designer Alexey Kondakov placing characters in classical paintings by Hayez, Caravaggio and Bourguereau in modern scenes such as trams, subways, cafes, and under the bridges of his hometown Kiev The series entitled Reality was inspired by a painting he saw of a

, Self taught designer Fernando Abellanas has installed a secret studio suspended beneath a bridge in Valencia, Spain A hand crank moves the wooden and metal base from one side of the bridge to the other where a shelf, chair, and desk have been bolted to the bridge s concrete wall When the base is

, Discover More Seashore Library by Vector Architects Houses D ings by Stefan Zsaitsits MDK Dog Haus by RAH DESIGN The Hater Box by Parse Error Papercut Art by Pippa Dyrlaga Serenita Veneziana Photos by Laurent Dequick Antisocial Photos by Mike Campau Tree Story by Kokili Projects.

, The logic was simple a healthy tree canopy cools and protects as it reduces the build up of heat from sidewalks and buildings, slows the runoff of water by The tour starts by stepping through a section of stormwater piping at the entrance to a garden, where a fine mist of simulated rain immediately

, They reclaimed wood formerly applied to the exterior inside, Old wood from the exterior is reclaimed and reused inside the home, which was carved up to From outdoor walkways to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, here are ten inspiring examples of how homeowners have used LED barn lights to add

, The Todd Group A knot garden Elaborate low hedges add lots of interest and geometry to this beautiful side yard A bronze statue at the end provides a focal point along the path and is also enjoyed from the adjacent patio on the left Your turn Have you embarked on a side yard landscaping odyssey

, There s a simple but comfortable old Florida house and boat building shed and the state s largest native butterfly garden A wooden walkway goes through pristine red, white and black mangroves Mrs Potter Palmer of Chicago s Palmer House castle fame once owned , acres of Sarasota and built a

, As a former painter I tend to like photography techniques that gives more control I wanted to include my hand movement as well as having an option to choose what textures and details to apply over my first exposure With help of long hand held exposures (intentional camera movement) and multiple

, He bases his works on everyday objects and what he sees around himfrom a weathered wooden box to a patch of thick moss He alternates layers of acrylic paint and resin to make them appear so realistic that he has often been accused of animal cruelty He states Many people have said that I am cruel

, D ings depicting a compilation of human figures floating or falling to the ground within a blank environment by Brooklyn based artist Leah Yerpe.

, In White Castle, the space shuttle sits dormant on a launch pad embedded in dust as a lone horseman passes by while in I Can Hear You, a young man hears a signal as he stands in front an alien structure that reminds me of the black monolith in the film A Space Odyssey The atmospheric and

, That said, the pain au raisin was lovely, and the coffee appreciated on a cold day The reopened Greenway a garden centre at one end, and a cafe at the other I can t say I think a lot of the garish lime green paint work applied to the wooden hordings that corral people down under the railway to the rest of

, Elements from one work can fluidly interact with and influence elements of the other works exhibited in the same space In this way, the boundaries between art pieces dissolve On view at Pace London through March Discover More We Are Nature Vol Photos by Christoffer Relander Tree Story by

, I will mention just a few of the many plants we observed at the Botanical garden in order not to take away its charm If you like nature, then you should not miss a visit to this special botanical garden We also saw the following plants that grow not only on Rodrigues Traveller s tree, called also traveller s palm

, The ephemeral piece, created in collaboration with Mathgoth Gallery, pays homage to the hundreds of residents who were temporarily uprooted by the demolition slated building and is also a tribute to her grandmother who likes to watch the moon phases from her garden The building holding the mural,

, There s a zip line, an alpine slide, nearly miles of mountain bike trails, a high rise nature walk through the forest canopy, and a challenging aerial adventure park with tree to tree suspended bridges, walkways, nets and ladders We don t have time to experience these activities, so instead we take a short

, The lamps are made of glass with tiny LEDs inside them and to make them more realistic, the mushrooms are attached to a wooden base from salvaged driftwood and tree stumps to mimic that different varieties found in Japan When illuminated, the tiny lights with their different shades turns any space into

, An eye catching design for outdoor seating by Netherlands based designer Marco Manders that pays tribute to the Dutch national flower, the tulip, and adds a burst of color to any environment The Tulpi seat, with full degree rotation, folds automatically into it s tulip shape when the occupant gets up

, A recreation of Andrew Wyeth s iconic painting Christina s World by British art collective kennardphillipps that reimagines how it would look like after an oil spill The original painting shows the girl in an idyllic field while this new version shows her in an oil covered landscape The work is part of a

, Look at this lovely hiding space behind the tree just right for a baby to find and clamber into At the Kookaburra Korner Early Education Centre, the outdoor space underwent a complete redesign by Inspired EC last year The soft play surface that covered all the ground (wall to fence wet pour rubber) has

, Zeven Streken (Seven Points) is a wooden installation in the Netherlands by Marc van Vliet that serves as a meeting place at the center of seven Observers walking along the narrow wooden path find themselves at the center of the installation, occupying the landscape out as far as the horizon With each

, Laguna Garzon Bridge is a recently completed ring shaped bridge designed by New York based Rafael Vi?oly Architects.

While religious films usually display grandeur, here Christ mixture emotions and he withers a tree as a symbol of crucifixion to show his humanity It s a A Space Odyssey Maude, a sensitive old woman played by Ruth Gordon, is surrounded by a natural herb garden full of new hope for the youthful old.

, MDK Dog Haus by RAH DESIGN Oil on Head Photos by Alberto Seveso Social ay Illustrations by Andrei Lacatusu Pixi Light Installation by WERC Tree Story by Kokili Projects Freedom Boulevard Mural by Thierry Noir Paintings of Birds on Vintage Photographs by Anja Wulfing ENGAGEYA