decking level swimming pool

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, It was the bond beam , the squared, concrete beam perched, level with the ground, atop the subgrade section of pool itself, but below the walking deck The problem was that it wasn t squared anymore It was more blown to crap and would have to be repaired in order to receive the deck and waterline

, A mixture of paving types and outdoor living spaces, ending with the deck on the lowest level, creates visual diversity The deck sits on the same level as Cascading decks surrounding this South Lakeland, England, home appear to float over the minimalist reflecting pool This modern take on a moat and

, Since I shared our new above ground pool deck a couple of weeks ago, I ve had several readers ask for tips on buying an above ground pool, so I m sharing a few thoughts on what we did, and the positives and negatives of it all (And at levels that aren t harsh, overwhelming, or bleaches out everything.).

, Multi Level Cedar k Chances are you ve seen the ghostly silhouette of leaves on sidewalks around townthese are the tannin remnants of fallen leaves The same tannins that stain concrete can cause brown or black stains on a wood deck In the fall, wet leaves can adhere to the surface of decking,

The tile deck slabs which form the horizontal border of the pool are fixedly supported directly on the bond beam Since the water forms a perfect level and automatically calls attention to any misalignment of water line members, the deck and tiles must obviously be exactly aligned along the bond beam In the past, such

, Look for local or regional materials to best blend a terrace or patio into the landscape Transitional k by This deck and pool area offers shady and sunny spots thanks to contemporary charcoal gray sail shades And this one delineates the levels even more by using different materials on the deck.

This is a slick, wooden deck by Agor that lowers, revealing a swimming pool How does it work Magic Just kidding, it s a water based hydraulic system But I prefer the idea that there s an army of tiny little wizards casting spells Let me live in my fantasty world! The deck can be lowered to different levels, so you can have a

It s applied with the Restore rollers which are a polyester honeycomb roller designed to help texture the surface of the deck boards I live in Corpus Christi, Texas (humid, salty air) and have a saltwater pool, bird dogs (German Shorthair), combination of concrete, stone and cool decking (around pool) I would like to use

The best home renovations are the ones you still love years after the dust has settled, and the newness has worn off Get remodeling tips and advice at When e Watkins purchased her Miami home years ago, it offered a pool and plenty of yardage but little outdoor living space Watkins is no stranger to DIY