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, Starting at Recommended by readers, R B s Montego line can run you up in price, but it will last forever, and the Bellini chairs are awesome and not too expensive with it It s a good investment As they say, the table is made of solid ipe and hand welded, outdoor grade stainless steel, making it as

Keep in mind that most outdoor chairs are inches high, so it might be a good idea to keep the bench around this height The first Solid purchase for anyone Reply When I moved from Kansas to California I had a yard sale and foolishly sold many tools including my circular saw, router and compound miter saw.

, An outdoor shower is refreshing, but an outdoor tub can be bliss Would you strip This Nashville, Tennessee, deck makes it easy to transition from outdoor shower to outdoor bathtub it uses the tub shower combo formula The bathtub is on a patio concealed by high solid walls right off the bathroom.

, When choosing a product, keep in mind that clear or tinted products usually last only a year or two, while semitransparent and solid stains last as long as We find that it is best to apply a second coat of finish about four months after the deck has been installed, advise the experts at Austin Outdoor Design.

, There s nothing quite like having a barbecue with your best friends on a hot summer day and listening to your favorite tunes on the patio or deck If you re looking for a solid little Bluetooth speaker that s battery powered, provides decent sound, won t break the bank, and can even be hung from a sturdy

, My x outdoor sofa (plans here) and the one arm sectional piece (plans here) have been holding up well! I did apply one coat of penetrating transulcent exterior siding and decking stain to it in a brown tone, and it really made the wood beautiful! This is It is a very substantial coffee table, solid and heavy.

, I m crazy for outdoor cooking, and unlike a lot of magazines, I don t just pull stuff from press releases, I live it It has five zones and you can do charcoal at one end and wood on the other, or stagger your solid fuel of choice and create perfect direct and indirect grilling zones on the massive cooking surface.

, The best colors in the garden come from plants Do your research in Houzz s garden section for your zone and the types of plants you like and don t be shy about studying plant tags and asking for help when you hit the nursery How have you added bold color to your patio, deck or other outdoor room

, Size Overall yard is feet ( meters) long and feet ( meters) wide deck space is feet ( meters) by feet ( meters) and patio is feet ( meters) by feet ( meters) Purpose To extend the square footage of the house by enhancing the outdoor living area The new area is designed

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about decking and railing Why are outdoor living products better than wood Top All Outdoor Storage doors are made with one solid mold, giving the look of a multi pieced door but with no chance of the separation you can see in real wood doors.