how to scallop a board for a pergola

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, guests seated at high ceilinged wooden wedding venue, with colorful flagging tape scalloped along Photo by We Are For Each Other via A Practical Wedding two women in wedding finery kiss amid confetti in front of dimensional honeycombed style geometric backdrop Photo by Allison Andres via A

, They always looked contrived and out of place sticking off the right side of the pergola, pretending to be the ends of cross boards that didn t exist Screened in Porch With the arched scalloped tops on your porch sections inside and out, where are the screened panels screwed in I ve never noticed any

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, Bakery and cafe in Porto by Paulo Merlini with a wavy ceiling made from wood panels to look like dripping cake icing.

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, This arbor story is a recycled post from I recently had a reader ask me to post it again here it is my friends RECYCLE, REUSE, REPOST! My ten year old daughter and I are driving to the grocery store on a cold day last fall when I look out the car window and see a wrought iron arbor laying on