tong and groove aluminum extrusions deck slats

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

More recent developments include decorative columns formed from materials such as extruded aluminum formed into hollow columns with sidewalls that support compression loads along the axis of the column A tongue and groove or similar joint can be used along with fasteners illustrated as the screw FIGS.

The invention is most advantageously used with slabs, for example, marble, having a kerf or groove formed in at least two peripheral edges thereof The invention features shaped metal struts having a generally U shaped configuration with the legs thereof being formed with inwardly facing flanges or re entrant sections,

D, discloses a design for a rain screen system in which a supporting clip extends around an upper edge of a lower siding board and into a groove in a lower In one embodiment, the clips may be fashioned as an aluminum extrusion cut to desired lengths, and the screws may be of stainless steel, in order to

EF Flooring or floor layers composed of a number of similar elements characterised by tongue and groove connections between neighbouring pieces to increase the locking strength, e.g in the form of a tongue of stiffer material, of e.g plastic or metal of e.g aluminum, preferably for the vertical locking.

A folding hard panel tonneau cover for a pickup truck cargo box having a pair of rails for mounting the tonneau cover to the side walls of a pickup truck cargo box The rails carry a seal member having a The rail structure includes an extruded aluminum rail and a plastic seal member The extruded rail has a

A device and method for securing a substantially flat sheet of metal (such as metal roofing or siding) to a substrate in a manner which avoids or reduces oil canning A longitudinal spacer is installed between the metal surface and the substrate so as to induce a bowing or camber of the sheet of metal.

In a porch or patio railing system having a plurality of vertically disposed pickets, a harmonic stabilizer for dampening forced external harmonic resonance is applied More particularly, it relates to an elongated clip on device for use with extruded aluminum, hollow, porch or patio railings, which reduces unwanted vibrations