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, The area between private and public spaces in houses where there is no real front garden can be a lost space It has utilitarian requirements, such as safe access to the front door for deliveries and keeping free of cover for security But we can claim this space and use it far more constructively than just

, On a day I visited, a Kettlebells class was taking advantage of the stairs and circular route around the lawn for their workout A nice use of public space, and I hope more than a Kettlebells class has discovered this IMG___ The curvilinear seating area is interesting, but perhaps a bit hit

, The firm won an international competition to transform this one acre from a barren deck to a vibrant public park which hosts numerous programs The Elevated Acre has a seven tiered amphitheater surrounding the lawn, a Brazilian hardwood boardwalk which stands feet above the East River, views of

Range of loudspeakers serve diverse needs throughout public spaces of new story hotel in Koreatown section of Los Angeles By PSW Staff ember , The greenhouse on the deck at the new Line Hotel in LA, one of many areas being served by Martin Audio loudspeakers The new Line Hotel in the

, As mentioned earlier this month, the Observation k on the Theme Building at LAX is once again open to the public On the observation deck, you can walk all the way around and get great views of all parts of the airport I have to But the guy sitting on the bench over there came with his own binocs.

, In its first episodes, the show has taken on some classic urbanist topics fighting blight, reforming the suburbs, designing walkable places but often around a theme or topic, and Tall Stories, minute minisodes that each explore one building, one statue or one park bench that reveals something

, How To Power Up A Headunit k Car Stereo With A PC Power Supply (PSU) So it s a quick video just powering up a Headunit with my PSU Add a public comment Most car audio Amps Speakers usually run around Ohms but something you can change it depending on how you wire them.

, Workers painting Space Needle roof Galaxy Gold, ca late uary Photo by by George Gulacsik, image courtesy of the Seattle Public Library Girls on Space Needle observation deck, Workers preparing ground for Space Needle foundation Girls on Space Needle observation deck, .

, One other excellent place for public observation of JFK flight operations existed after the rooftop parking lot of the Pan Am Worldport terminal, which was the now demolished Terminal From here there were excellent views all around of takeoffs on the long Bay Runway (R L), ramp action at

, One of the most ubiquitous sights in any city around the world is the humble park bench a meeting spot for friends, a place to grab lunch or perhaps a hardly stop to notice the goings on around a small public meeting spot, but for Ukrainian photographer Yevgeniy Kotenko, one such bench has turned into

, Beyond The Hill is a residence located in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, that is more than just your typical house with an office The client hired Kazuhiko Kishimoto acaa to design a house on a lot that faces a steep slope with a bit of an unusual request to include a small gallery The house was not to

, The space was never successful at attracting the public it was a grim, empty, three acres of concrete that has been closed for well over a decade of a sedum and perennial mosaic perimeter garden, a sparkling black granite paved courtyard that frames the Council Chamber, and a café deck that

, After my tour of Canuck Place, I began to notice the secret gardens that were tucked in residential houses on garden tours, public spaces, and within botanical or public gardens Secret Garden From doors that open to an outdoor living space to quirky benches built into a hidden corner, a secret garden is

, The boardwalk accommodates a large viewing deck with seating bench and a lower deck with seating bench and access to the existing alternative beach pathway Passengers waiting to be picked up can wait along the seating bench wall around the transportation hub or in the dedicated waiting area

Mar , Wood decks require constant attention with an almost annual ritual of repainting or re staining k materials made of pure wood can also rot over time and may be subject to warping and splintering They are not really suitable for use near swimming pools and other wet areas However, alternatives to

Mar , DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES The piles of trash and debris on Skid Row seem to be mounting and when it comes to keeping the area clean, Surrounding the perimeter of Skid Row are three different BIDS the organizations where business owners pay extra taxes to help maintain safety and

Summary A DAM Lookout, Amsterdam s first and only publicly accessible observation deck, opened on Saturday, , at the top of the A DAM Tower At nearly The indoor panorama deck, a beautiful lounge featuring angled, tinted glass panels, includes a place where you can get something to eat and drink.

, Custom designed area rugs add color and texture to the public spacesthemselves works of art in their abstract depictions of nature Natural materials contribute to The café features a combination of banquette and lounge seating and takes advantage of another outdoor deck Its ceiling is crafted from

, Whereas consumer tech has the Mary Meeker report for an aggregate view of industry trends, enterprise infrastructure was missing a public perspective to explain Nearly every competitive Series A or B deal in AI that comes across our desks at Work Bench has a valuation north of M attached to it.

Mar , A continuum of fluid, vastly proportioned minimalist spaces make seamless connections to broad decks that reach out to bring the magnificent outlook inside The house s centrepiece is a sky pool with living areas wrapped around its striking boldness creating a place of tranquility, where water, space and

, These roads are barriers, they detract from the sidewalks and public spaces, and getting around on them can be pretty hectic of pointing out, the Twin Cities is one of the few places that calls non surface parking a parking ramp (as opposed to parking garage, parking deck, or parking structure).

, As visitors proceed down the ramp, the water s edge becomes higher and higher, as they descend down the ramp and into the observation area At its peak depth, the observation deck sits at about chest height on most adults, and over the heads of children, making it an even more fantastical experience for