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, We ve still got another section to add to this section of the handrail to get the L shape needed to fully enclose the stair opening Step Diagram Step Instructions Like the But on the outside (living room side), each baluster has a pocket hole showing We could fill these pocket holes with plugs or wood

Our wood deck railings and porch railing designs will give you a myriad of ideas Use them to create just the right look for your home by adding both appeal and Diagonal Wood Baluster Designs Get creative See how these porches look with variations of the same baluster theme diagonal wood railings on front porch

, The Chippendale railings on our front porch has started to fall apart on one side due to rot We started by framing in the railings with the end post (here on the right) and a sacrificial board on the left whose end will eventually be fastened I m hoping to get some flowers planted in the pots this week.

Joe Truini One of the challenges of drilling with a cordless drill is how do you know when the bit is perfectly straight so you get a perfectly straight hole Well, you may have seen this trick before where you can take any square block of woodin this case a two by fourand you hold it in place And you put the bit up against