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, On this rooftop deck in Chicago, chartreuse colored sweet potato vine (Ipomea batatas) fills in lots of seasonal color It s heat tolerant and fast growing all summer As an annual, it s an easy vine to use for containers or as a filler in existing beds Other easy to grow annual vines include fragrant sweet pea

, A garden path leads up from the house to this picturesque mountaintop pool with decking made of local stone From here, the peak of New York The owners insisted that most of the trees be saved during the construction process, and the building is shaped to curve around them Russian winters are very

, LED fixtures are also a great choice for wet and submerged environments, such as a swimming pool, pond or water feature They are available in fully waterproofed cases, and their long life span means they re less maintenance over time The LED pool lights here create a glowing blue body of water.

, So beyond adding more storage and functionality, the goal of this mudroom renovation was to create a beach inspired look that would remind the homeowners of warmer days all year long This stylish space opens to the backyard pool and serves as a changing room during summer and a place to remove

, Though synthetic materials in home construction and decor have come a long way, most people when pressed would still take the natural option if it fit the budget Just because your walls are made of stone and your ceilings are decked in decking doesn t mean you can t throw some color into the mix.

, The floor decking is left unfinished to age over time Modern Exterior Must Know Moderns Photo by Lauren Manning The Case Study House No , designed by Charles and Ray Eames in , is carefully tuned to a much different climate The structural frame of the house is painted steel, which wears well

Bamboo harvested from the yard, it covers an old bathroom vanity , bar top is plywood with a paper bag finish , fabric on the bar stools old mens aloha shirt , reclaimed redwood from old water tank decking, s ceramic kamoda cooker , louvered closet doors from an old hotel cut in half and painted to make some walls for

, Beach Style k by Sig Froelich Architecture Sig Froelich Architecture Middle Level Porch and Outdoor Dining Establishing great views and functionality were keys to designing the porch Although located in a city notorious for wind and frigid weather during certain parts of the year, the homeowners are

Mar , The decking and planted areas harmonize beautifully with the rock swale as it flows through the space If your soil cannot efficiently absorb the stormwater where it pools, you can move the water to a point in the landscape with a rock swale, runnel or rain chain where the soil can absorb it If your soil

, Many online companies also will construct custom boxes for you It s also worth looking into hiring a reputable carpenter to create Once the brackets are installed, set the window box on top and secure it in place with decking screws If you are purchasing ready made window boxes, be sure that you

, The upper floor main living area, garage and deck are a total of , square feet ( square meters) Architects Dave Strachan and Martin Varney of Strachan Group Architects Clad in cedar clapboard and with a low pitched gable roof and exposed rafters, the original home was typical of its time.

, Rustic k by Zoske Construction This deck and pool area offers shady and sunny spots thanks to contemporary charcoal gray sail shades Beach Style k by This can make a small deck feel more expansive than free standing furniture and maximize your deck s seating potential While these