titan board fence in germany

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Test sheet notes suggest a reason for this No stability off switch because the Germans think you are a bad driver. Braking is another performance element that could be Retro doesn t apply to the instrument panel, unless you count the absence of a coolant temperature gauge After all, the original Beetle also lacked this

, The German carmaker told Edmunds that it will offer a carbon fiber roof as an option on future Golf performance models The roof will save to pounds, and that weight savings will improve both performance and fuel economy Removing weight from the top of the car will also lower its center of gravity,

, At this point, to complain about it is tantamount to beating a dead horse, so let s just agree that it s useless to anyone but a nagging passenger and since the Mini Cooper Coupe only seats one passenger, that dashboard real estate is even more useless here That is, unless your Mini Cooper Coupe is

, In Canada, we re seeing huge increases in the number of people with skin cancers and other sun related afflictions

Mar , Imagine this comes flying at you while you re driving It happened to one woman in southwest Houston.

, Want to monitor your teenage son s driving speed, or track your mileage and gas for work Jay Giraud has the tool for you As CEO of Vancouver based Mojio, he produces a small Internet connected device that plugs into your car s diagnostic port (usually just under the steering wheel) It beams your

, The display can be set to either give a heads up display of maps, or echo the car s instrument panel, showing the speedometer and tachometer Switching between the two views took just a tap and turn of the dial After a couple hours of driving, I realized that I had stopped looking at my Jeep s dashboard

days ago Light vehicle recalls in the United States fell to under million in , the lowest level since , NHTSA said, after a record million were recalled in .

, File photo shows Piech, chairman of the supervisory board of German carmaker Volkswagen, arriving at the annual shareholders meeting in Hanover BERLIN FRANKFURT (Reuters) Ferdinand Piech, who resigned as chairman of Volkswagen over the weekend, sowed the seeds of his

, Hyundai also says the new i is the first in its segment to offer an opening panoramic sunroof While we wouldn t exactly call the styling exciting (especially in that shade of brown), penned at the company s European design center in Rüsselsheim, Germany, it certainly does look more mature which, we

, massive gullwing doorsone of which runs the full length of the body The front cabin is tube shaped and features a rear facing passenger seat Other quirks include a gaping purple grill and a group of small side windows that have been stylishly cut out of the side panel Paris Auto Concept number.jpg

, The Hiriko, a folding electric two seater, was unveiled yesterday at the European Commission Compact cars take on a new meaning when they can literally fold themselves Spain will begin producing an electric car next year that s about the same size as a Smart, but can collapse itself into

, The most prevalent way of monitoring driving habits is by using On Board Diagnostic (OBD II) dongles, or plugs, that send analytics about the driver s driving habits back to the insurance company The dongles are plugged into the car s port under the steering wheel We estimate that there are million

, Production ready , Pal V Pioneer Flying Car shown in Geneva A small block of land located in the countryside of Germany will become home to this

, Interest in car hacking has surged since Fiat Chrysler last year recalled million US vehicles to fix on board software bugs uncovered by two researchers The researchers demonstrated that they were able to gain remote control of a Jeep travelling at high speeds in a dramatic video posted on .