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, Left behind tents are a big problem at music festivals, particularly because of the massive amounts of landfill bound waste they create Fortunately, one Dutch startup believes they have the solution the KarTent Made from recyclable cardboard, this sturdy and lightweight tent is comfortable, easy to

, With one of the lowest life cycle costs available, the durable flooring is made from ingredients including linseed oil, resin, jute, wood, and cork flour The Unity Home floors are decked out in Shaw waterproof Life Happens carpets and EPIC Plus hardwood flooring made from recycled wood fibers.

I have oak hard wood floors In the seem between my eating area and desk area are boards that do not fill the space allotted properly I have applied wood filler before but that has crack and fallen away Is there a simple cost effective way to repair this area My husband is out of work and we are trying to get the house ready

, Pros has highest R value per inch of any other rigid foam, lightweight, resists moisture, highly resistant to air filtration, most environmentally friendly of the rigid Pros some brands are water based so there are no ozone depleting compounds in them, lowest cost of spray foams, very good sound insulation,

, With proper insulation, a grain bin house will save you tremendously on heating costs, which is better for you and the environment Economical Grain bin Use SANI TRED to waterproof the interior of your grain bin and keep outside water from damaging your new eco friendly, unique home Now that you

, This makes vinyl wasteful of materials and sharply raises its embodied energy cost Synthetic carpet doesn t decay, but increasing amounts of it are recycled into foam padding See Green Home Guide s Buyer s Guide to Green Floor Materials for a snapshot of eight types of eco friendly flooring.

Moreover, laminate flooring can be recycled, with some manufacturers able to reuse up to of materials Though there are more green carpeting options available that use renewable materials and avoid dangerous chemicals, these options come at a premium price.

, The garage floor coating is an epoxy based base paint, lots of colored chips or flakes, and then a clear epoxy top coat By doing this they basically water down the materials by adding solvents to prolong the work time of their epoxies and make the products more DIY friendly In the world of floor coatings,

, I have seen the consequenses of what living on the coast can do to a house, and can recommend the best flooring for a beach house Living along the Luxury vinyl flooring (note the word luxury) has come a long way in the past few years Luxury vinyl is a Bamboo is eco friendly hardwood Bamboo

What Do They Cost Expect to pay to per gallon Nontoxic green stains typically run from to How Long Will the Finish Last It depends on the eco safe stains View as slideshow Photo by Don Penny These finishes are friendly to the environmentand your lungs Stains are packed with solvents to

, I have recommended wood to a friend who was going to chose laminate because of cost and have been worrying ever since She is getting those sit on wooden chopping boards to go on top so her teenagers won t forget to use a chopping board And her will be sealed with Osmo, a non toxic Danish oil

, I thought it would be so much easier to use the peel and stick vinyl flooring to create my backsplash instead of regular wood, so I bought a bunch and headed It s Jessica from Mom Real, back to share a fun and budget friendly idea for your kitchen! It cost less than to do the entire backsplash area!

Although it grows in Asian rainforests, Shorea is on its way to becoming a sustainable wood, due to the fact that harvesting is highly regulated Shorea shares many positive attributes with comes from carefully managed plantations The superiority of teak wood for creating outdoor furniture is reflected in its high price tag.

, Get the facts on advantages, disadvantages, costs and installation to see if a cork bathroom floor is right for you to help you decide if it s a good fit for your bathroom Could this sleek, environmentally friendly material work for you Cork is water resistant but not waterproof It works well in bathrooms but

, Material cost to per square foot Bamboo Products Earth Friend or Foe Contemporary Kitchen by Galko Homes Galko Homes Laminate Similar to vinyl flooring products, laminates are a budget friendly flooring choice and are soft underfoot when compared to rigid flooring materials.

, Disaster housing needs to be mobile, low cost and easy to erect and all of those qualities certainly apply to the BiniShelter , which resembles a more permanent The recycled plastic and waterproof cardboard MyHab is often seen at festivals in the UK (rented for a pretty penny) in little mud proof villages

, In my quest for designing a safe bathroom I search for a slip resistant flooring, that can handle a wet environment, is forgiving if someone falls and of Can be installed over radiant heating Cost per square foot for materials and installation Altro Aquarius Flooring Heavy duty vinyl Dry Wet .

This is one of the many reasons that cork flooring is such a favorite in American households especially among those who are environmentally conscious It s a renewable resource, You have to re seal cork floors every few years in order for the cork flooring to keep it waterproof and UV resistant A cork floor with the