fix interlocking decking on a framework

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Basically, this framework comprises rows of upright posts arranged at right angles and suitably spaced by equal distances such as six feet These posts Both the decking and the water distributing features of the tower are conventional and for this reason are not being illustrated or described in greater detail Reference

This enables positive location and the ability to remove individual bundles for inspection and repair purposes FIG shows how the bundles and , in turn, are stackable, transferring the mass of pipe and CGL cargo to the bundle framework and to the floor of the hold , and interlocking across, and

A further object of my invention is to provide a supporting framework of key pieces for trays or perforated decks in large diameter vessels in which the webs of the the inner end portions or the beams and interlocking connections between said ring and said innerend portions preventing l radial displacement of the beams.

After the horizontal beams were in place, heavy wooden decking was laid on the steel beams and openings in the decking were left through which to FIG illustrates the construction of an earth retaining wall comprising interlocking vertical steel plates or piling, and the lateral bracing thereof against successive floor slabs .

Moreover, the edges of the pieces may be interlocking, as with poker chips, for ease of stacking and storage An optional feature resides in marking the squares on the board with numbers from I to so that each square has a fixed number to make replaying of games easier than the cum bersome methods now in use.

,, describes a foundation seal between the wooden floor deck and the home foundation The seal is This ensures that an earthquake or similarly drastic environmental condition will not result in the framework superstructure sliding off or being otherwise displaced from its position atop the foundation wall.

Parameter, Dimension (m) Truck Wheelbase, . Drive group spread, . Hitch offset, . Hitch height, . Trailer Wheelbase, . Trailer group spread, . k height, The locking driver may continually bias the lock into the fixed roll coupling position The return driver return biases the locking

The fire stop panel or wall has a wallboard geometry manufactured to match the contour shape of a metal fluted deck in a cookie cutter fashion This provides ,, by Haberman, which discloses an invention for a prefabricated panel, which can provides a modular method of interlocking panel construction U.S Pat.

through is rotatably mounted to the deck by means of a conventional stand , including hold down clips , thmst rollers , radial roller path , training circle , and base ring The spanner rail is secured to the base ring by a suitable framework structure and arranged to receive the lower missile

It is well known to construct buildings by erecting a rigid structural framework, for example of steel girders, and to bolt prefabricated panels between the girders to provide Alternatively,, the lock may be any other type of fixing, such as a tapered bolt or a screw connector that d s the panels together to form an airtight seal

FIGURE is a fragmentary horizontal sectional view taken along line of FIGURE and showing details of the interlocking sealed joint between adjacent The member may be attached to the framework by means of bolt and slot connections for in and out adjustment to locate the panel in the proper vertical plane.

A low noise roof deck system eliminates the thermal expansion noises associated with metal decking and includes structural features that permit installation of roof covering characterised by its integration in the roof structure the roof structure comprising a supporting framework of roof purlins or rafters with means for fixing

shows a method of laying the decking As heretofore specified, the strips are laid with their extremities in interlocking relation The decking is secured to the framework, such as the rod beams , by means of fasteners These fasteners are preferably made in two parts, a base a and a double U shaped clip portion

, and , the outer most of the insulated panel strips have column clearance flanges adjacent their outer edges so that the concrete column when poured nests into the notch defined within the adjacent insulated panel and interlocks therewith on curing While a pair of panels forming wall , FIG , are in lateral

, The unusual looking design composed of a metallic framework with thousands upon thousands of recycled wooden pieces interlocking within a mesh Those who appreciate artistic masterpieces will be able to get their fix when France displays works from such masters as Rodin, Millet and Van Gogh,

An adjustable, locking cross bar is also incorporated into preferred embodiments of the present invention and allows the present invention to be used directly as a level, A C show how the present invention may be used to measure around the flange on a flanged member and lay out a bolt pattern on the members web.

B is another close up side view showing a portion of an embodiment of a deck of the present invention and adjustment slide , an adjustment screw housed within the threaded pipe and attached to the adjustment slide , and a fixed orifice at a second end of the adjustable plate .

a cushioning system including gradual d er front lowering into wedge locked position, and a full width barrier to accidental d er removal, and no shipping container and rack system has incorporated the above advantageous provisions in mobile and fixed rack structure of the type disclosed in the present invention.

, I love the fact that they have used the framework of an actual house and miniaturized it for a playhouse This is sure to rid of the mold is easy You can make windows with supplies from a local store, fix broken wooden planks, add a fresh layer of paint, et voilĂ ! The Interlocking Puzzle House If you re

This invention relates to the construction of domical structures and more particularly to a simple and more secure assembly and erection of the framework of such a structure using laminated As shown, these rods can be used for laying out and fixing the relative position of the rods or support piers of the domical structure.

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Trimmer controls are carried by operator cab and desirably provided with interconnected remote console controls for use by a deck foreman who, from his deck Upper shuttle also comprises a framework or carriage adapted to carry a conveyor belt on idler rollers and support rollers for the loaded