beam and hollow block floor

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Some of the wall blocks have outer walls projected above the inner walls to form a seat on the inner wall for receiving a floor comprised of a plurality of tiles, slabs and a concrete The system employs a variety of precast glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) components such as walls, flooring, roofs, columns, beams, etc.

This invention relates to a set of building blocks comprising hollow blocks which can be dry assembled and inside which a binder notably concrete can be poured The principle of dry laying is a diagrammatic plan view of a floor born by walls obtained by the method according to the invention In the various figures, the

In a mortarless interlocking concrete block system, general purpose intersection blocks have parallel grooves formed on their bottom surfaces but each has mating ridges on the upper surface of its inner end only The top surface of its corner end portion is flat, to permit an overlying course to fit thereon either at right angles

, Y on Beams The beam that joins the large over m spans seems to have been over designed with heavy Y thick steel reinforcement Normally The Langata Southern Bypass opposite Carnivore building that collapse also had utilized the same hollow pot floor slab technology It s not a surprise that

The relatively deep concrete bridging beams hereinafter to be described, greatly increase the vibration resistance of the floor and the factory controlled precast The dimensions of the present device include the seats of the slab which have a depth of one standard concrete block and therefore will replace a full block

Then, grout mortar or concrete is poured or pumped at the beam block course, as a distribution course, to fill the pockets to embed horizontal rods and at the same time filling the elongated vertical wall slots An integrally poured reinforced concrete frame within the wall results comprised of vertical columns and effect

Also, the process for the formation of concrete blocks is improved by the use of additive in allowing easier and faster packing of the mix into the molds and and wide unsupported face shells, the inch concrete block having thin face shells, as well as bond beam blocks that have unique shapes and inch patio blocks,

The L shaped walls are bolted to the foundation by anchoring means located in cutout portions along the bottom of each wall and H beams are placed to extend across the tops of the walls and are filled with concrete to serve as support and anchoring means for precast concrete roof slabs and to bridge the spaces between

Finally, the mating surfaces of the block and slab along their original interface are precision flat ground and sandblasted The block and slab are then bonded together along their original interface to form the hollow granite gussetted box beam as shown in FIG , mounting holes a are preferably drilled

On columns at the level of each floor, brackets are fixed on which the main beams are supported These main beams support the secondary beams which in turn support the hollow bricks of the ceiling The brackets , according to the embodiment shown in Figs and , comprise a portion provided with

is a similar block, but provided with the openings to receive the floor joists and a bottom on which the joists rest it should be understood that the wooden joists can be dispensed with and in their place iron or steel beams be used but the generalconstruction of tying the walls and supporting these beams is the same,

, Damp proof course (DPC) is generally applied at basement levels which restricts the movement of moisture through walls and floors Selection of materials for damp proof course and its or combination of materials or layers Rigid Materials Materials like first class bricks, stones, slate, cement concrete etc.

DESCRIPTION In a conventional steel joist and concrete floor systems used in a large scale building, illustrated in schematic form in FIGS and , open web steel joists rest on structural supports such as beams or a load bearing wall Wall may be constructed of steel studs, red iron, brick, block, poured concrete

Processes, machines, articles of manufacture and compositions of matter required to construct a habitable structure comprised of a cementitious product, preferably autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), formed in unique blocks, panels and beams This results in an extremely environmentally friendly habitable dwelling,

Adaptable to any type of circuit for the production of blocks, infill blocks, kerb stones, pavers and other precast concrete elements http gXbgDSbr for the continuous production of various prestressed concrete elements T beams, hollow beams, prestressed concrete hollowcore slabs for flooring or wall panels

Many of the multi story buildings which failed had a very open structure on the lower floor or floors, evidently to accommodate open lobbies, parking, atriums and so forth, so they had not much to constitute shear walls I continue to wonder how effective weak (lousy block, lousy filling of hollow core) hollow block walls

, FlexLock is a mortarless, post tensioned, dry stack masonry system designed from the ground up as the next generation concrete block the starter bars when pouring the slab at say foot spacings, lay your walls up to your required height while using sill and bond beam blocks with the rebar in place.

, This excerpt from the book Building With Pumice explains what pumice is, where to find it and how to make blocks out of pumice, lime and concrete.

Then the precast hollow blocks are placed between the wires, and concrete is poured in the forms of the slab as described above To erect the slabs as structural members, a hook of a crane or derrick is attached to a vertical flange , and the slab is lifted and installed as a wall or floor At the peripheries of the slabs,

A building system uses modular precast concrete components that include a series of columns with wide, integral capitals Wide beam slabs are by hangers Joist slabs (e.g rib slabs or other substantially planar components) can then be suspended between the beam slabs and column capitals to provide a floor surface.

In building constructions, concrete beams and slabs comprising a roof or floor, may be integrally cast as a unit through a complex formwork Such formworks frequently have wooden beam forms with wooden or metal decks spanning the beam forms, or such form work frequently is of the metal pan convention form

Roofs were a concrete slab based on the principle of T beams concrete hollow blocks were used as form work to generate the T shape The system was successful diagrams a slab with several rigid insulation blocks set in place for walls according to guidelines previously marked on the floor slab FIG shows all the

, Even people with little money knows that when you build a house, at least put some concrete beams, even thin ones, for added rigidity of the entire is not just only building blocks without rebars and post and column, as we observe this DEMO has no proper rebar , post and beam, meaning it is just only for