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, You can lessen the cost of your container garden by choosing fabric containers and pots. Here are lightweight fabric but they can be planted with edibles too If you have a small deck, patio, or porch and adding containers would eliminate usable space, grow vertically with a Woolly Pocket or two.

, Beautify your deck or patio with this easy step by step tutorial on How to Paint Terracotta Pots The first thing you want to do is to make sure your terracotta pots and clean and free from dust, dirt, and debris The second step is to prime the outside of the pots with a good quality all surface primer Follow

, Here s how to protect your garden and deck from the harsh sea breezes Bear in mind that permanent outdoor structures on the coast will likely fall under the purview of the building inspector Be sure The materials you use will also be important if you want your windscreen to double as a privacy screen.

, Double or triple knot if needed Do the same on the other side To make a double deck of planter box, tie another batch of knots on each rope about cm from the top of the first box Make identical holes on the next box and insert the rope though the holes Now use the thin wire to make the box stand

Sure, you could plop a couple of deck chairs in your backyard for an impromptu sitting area But a hand built A smart option is to build a handsome wood lean to shed against the house near the patio or garden Burgers, steaks, veggiesor whatever your go to backyard party fare isit ought to be done on the grill.

, Video Summary Steve describes a plan to build a new, x deck and a set of stairs Other considerations include the size and shape of your deck, how much weight it will hold, and the size of the beams They used a garden hoe to make sure the concrete would set with a nice, flat surface.

Easy to follow (with step by step pictures) directions for how to build your own elevated bed or raised garden bed ) Take two of the completed legs and fasten them to one of the support leg boards Repeat The board left from the deck were rough enough to leave plenty of drainage area so I just lined it with filter fabric.

, It s perfect for small backyards or even a tiny patio or balcony The total cost of this planter ladder was about compared to for this one with just three tiers! Once I had it placed I screwed the second box from the inside of the box to the frame, and so on and so forth with the rest of the boxes.

Take your curb appeal to a new level with this easy to build DIY planter Step by step Next, using your ripped board, attach those onto the other two sides remaining Your DIY I have long told you how much I love my HomeRight Finish Max and Heavy Duty Sprayer, and you can see evidence in these past projects.