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Bio sketch David Emanuel Andersson s authored books include The Economics of Experiences, the Arts and Entertainment (Edward Elgar, ) and Los Angeles Zurich Los Angeles Chicago () Hong Kong Zurich Chicago Chicago Paris Singapore () Osaka Washington Seoul Shanghai Chicago.

, The , square foot living wall has x modular panels, each one containing plants for a grand total of , plants Green Pockets, interlocking recycled ceramic tiles with built in planters designed by Maruja Fuentes, turn vertical greenery into a sort of interactive art project that allows users

A panel includes the composite and is adaptable to interface with a device for use in EMI shielding applications One skilled in the art will recognize that further shielding effectiveness can be achieved using multiple layers of CNT infused fiber materials, for example, and that CNT density, length, and orientation can be

Each simplex connector includes a latch for interlocking it with a jack receptacle , and each simplex connector includes a pair of pin receiving holes The foregoing problems of the prior art are overcome by apparatus for joining a pair of simplex connectors together with a duplex clip to form a duplex connector.

, Interconnected columns and arches that fill this shop in a Beijing commercial estate are based on the site s mascot a tiny dandelion seedling.

Download PDF Find Prior Art Each robotic control module in the robotic control system may be provided with multiple executable code parts for different modular roles within the control In some embodiments, the wedge box housing or module includes configurations of mating, interlocking, or sealable outer walls.

JPA (en) , , , Nec Corp, Server system, and method for interlocking web contents with the server system USA (en) , , , Wenting Tang, Method and system for a modular transmission control protocol (TCP) frequent handoff design in a streams

The heat dissipating housing contains two stacked circuit boards holding respectively a power module and a light module In another embodiment, the LED board is Many different shapes of modular blocks can be envisioned, as can many different interlocking mechanisms In fact, light modules may be

A glucose monitoring system, includes a glucose sensor strip or package of strips The strip includes a substrate and a glucose monitoring circuit that has electrodes and a bodily fluid application portion of selected chemical composition An antenna is integrated with the glucose sensor strip An RFID sensor chip is coupled

, They cite Expressionism the artistic movement that sought to represent emotional experience over physical reality as the inspiration for the new building s Other examples include the University of Bristol s science laboratory building in England, which is covered in wavy aluminium panels to conceal

A patient support apparatus includes a deck, a plurality of side rails, a control panel, and a plurality of subsystems, such as a bed exit system that detects when a One skilled in the art will appreciate that the positions shown in the above referenced Figures are exemplary positions and that the intermediate frame may

This invention relates to the art of data centers, and in particular to data processing centers in which banks of servers or other equipment are housed in a protected The suspended floor panels are supported on pedestals a which are fixed to the base floor by screws and adhesive on a regular modular grid The airflow

, CODA wins the MoMA PS Young Architects Program and will install a wall of skateboard offcuts at the PS Contemporary Art Centre, New York The interlocking cladding panels will be made from wooden offcuts donated by a skateboard manufacturer and some of them will be removable and used to

When the pair of PC boards is turned on, a magnetic field is established around the bars between the slits of the magnetically permeable iron on the flag The bars of the flag Alternatively, the reader device may have a touch sensitive screen, an optical scanner, or other input means known in the art An analyzer

Another disadvantage of prior art cable tray systems in Internet co location facilities, is that the cable trays themselves have typically been bolted directly to the It should be noted that another benefit of the modular nature of the pre fabricated grid structure is that corridors , , , etc are always kept clear of

, UBC Aquatic Centre is sited close to an alumni centre for the university, which has a three storey facade covered in thousands of fritted glass panels MJMA was founded in and based in Toronto The firm has also completed a lakeside cabin lined in sliding glass doors and black metal in Ontario.

Flux fountain techniques are described In one or more implementations, an apparatus includes a cover configured to be disposed over at least a portion of a display device of a computing device that is configured as a tablet and a connection portion attached to the cover using a flexible hinge The connection portion is

Mar , of millimetre thick glass panels Renderings show the slide attached to the storey building by a metal support system Visitors will experience Skyslide s unparalleled views in a whole new way, as they glide from the th to the th floor of the US Bank Tower, said the developer, Singapore based

Viewing of one or more of the displays or gauges in the panel requires shifting of the driver s or passenger s eyes down to the panel from the view through the front windshield Rain sensor functionality, as is commonly known in the automotive art, is provided in association with an interior rearview mirror assembly.

, Guest bathroom Likewise, an innovative layout of black and white mosaic tile creates a unique interlocking pattern on the guest bathroom walls Mosaic tile Bisazza Loungeworthy seating The casual modular sofa system can seat loads of party guests or just be an ideal spot to lie down and look outside.

Prior art shipping pallets have traditionally been made of wood planks that are nailed to spaced wood supports The wood planks are nailed to the top and bottom surfaces of the wood supports defining a self supporting elevated platform on which loads can be placed The wood planks and supports are typically spaced in

COAppImpl is an applet like class, but it does not derive from java.applet.Applet nor from java.awt.Panel By not deriving from Applet, the applications may be USA (en) , , , Wenting Tang, Method and system for a modular transmission control protocol (TCP) frequent handoff

Of course, those skilled in the art will recognize many modifications can be made to this configuration without departing from the scope or spirit of the various embodiments USB (en), , , Draka Comteq B.V Multimode optical fiber with low bending losses and reduced cladding effect.

Download PDF Find Prior Art An electrochromic device, such as an electrochromic shade band where a gradient opacity panel may be constructed by positioning the bus bars along the edges of the substrates in such a Thus, modular automotive glazings incorporating polychromic solid films may be manufactured.

, Three new housing developments define the Dawson area of Singapore (Dawson, Skyville, Skyterraces, WOHA, Surbana, SCDA, Singapore housing, Its interlocking flats are housed within a chic grey and black modular fa?ade, intersected by sky gardens, green terraces that fold upwards from the ground