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, Like the bow of a ship, the new extension points towards the Scheldt, connecting the building with the river on which Antwerp was founded, said ZHA Surrounded by water, the The alternating transparent and opaque panels are intended to visually break up the scale of the structure They also provide

, The wooden mullions framing the windows incorporate sliding panels that connect a lounge and dining space with the garden and a decked terrace The Houseboat by Mole Architects The matchboard cladding covering the internal walls and ceilings offers a warm complement to the exposed concrete

, Described as part house and part boat , the buoyant residence isn t designed for any particular site Carl Turner Architects sees the design as a solution Designed to be both carbon neutral and self sufficient, the proposal features triple glazed windows, a wall of photovoltaic panels that could generate

, US Bank Stadium by HKS The exterior walls consists of dark zinc panelling set against vast sheets of glass An angular protrusion on the western elevation has invoked references to the prow of Viking ships One of the building s prominent features is The Legacy Gate, which consists of five pivoting glass

, This house in the Norfolk Broads by Platform Architects features steeply pitched gables and shingle cladding to reference traditional boat sheds This ensures that changing views of the water are the main focus throughout the interior Where the entrance facade is relatively modest, the house offers an

, Baca Architects referenced the design of canal boats when d ing up plans for the house, but increased the scale and included plenty of windows to The modular upper structure, which features pre insulated wooden panels that are clad in cedar, was assembled in a factory and then placed on top.

, The barn wall were made of what Ms Joanna calls ship lap and I don t want to live in a barn If you want How would I tell if there was shiplap (or wood planks of any kind) beneath the dry walled ceiling or behind any walls The existing shed has flat panels and the shed itself is foot by foot thanks.

, Old boat house converted into recreational space () At the back of the naust, one step above the ground floor, lies a stone terrace surrounded by a small forest The new naust is extended backwards to include this terrace into a new winter garden This part is covered by angled wood cladding, which

, Architecture studio PAD has used solid surface material HI MACS to create the perforated facade of this headquarters for a boat manufacturer It is widely used for architectural and interior applications, such as sculptural and high performance wall cladding or kitchen, bathroom and furniture surfaces,

, Danish Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has created a bridge spanning a Copenhagen canal, which features a series of wire masts based on ships rigging ( slideshow) Opening today, the Cirkelbroen (Circle Bridge) by Olafur Eliasson spans the Christianshavn Canal to connect the district s Christiansbro

, An arched framework of curving pine ribs gives this chapel in Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects a shape more akin to a boat than a building Sanaksenaho Architects, designed St Henry s Ecumenical Art Chapel as a steeply arching structure with a shiny copper exterior and a warm wooden interior.

Biofouling of underwater surfaces by marine organisms is prevented by irradiating the surfaces or the adjacent water with ultraviolet light and adjusting the intensity of within the sea chest while the scattered ultraviolet energy results in preventing biofouling through the entire assembly, even into the interior of the pipe .

, Traditional Norwegian boat houses have been used to store boats and fishing gear,but now many of them are being converted for recreational summer use Naust paa Aure A lot of the materials were reused, either as shuttering for the concrete walls and footings or as internal panelling Naust paa Aure

, Externally surfaces are left , but all internal elements have been painted white These include both the steel lattice that supports the body of the boat, and the newly added spiral staircase and balcony Temp L by Shinslab Architecture is an installation recycled from a rusty old cargo ship Round and

, Inside, the ground level features a wooden storage unit, concrete flooring and plywood panelling Nautical lighting fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and affixed to the walls Hood Canal Boat House by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer A sleeping loft is accessed via a drop down ladder controlled by a

, Corten steel cladding defines the two level portion of the home The upper storey contains an additional bedroom, as well as a mezzanine office overlooking a double height space The cantilevered walnut treads that form the staircase complement the dark coloured wall into which they are set House on

Mar , Throughout the upper and lower levels, interior partitions are clad with seamless white lacquered panels whose reflective qualities diffuse light into every part of the interior and create complex layered views through the space Photographer s Studio over a boat house on Stoney Lake by gh Read more.

, Interior Exterior and interior support each other with its design concepts The outer cladding of trim boards is completed by stainless railings of decks and steel superstructure covered by wooden sun screen Dialog between the whole and partial perceptions is on the Thessay boat natural part of the detail.

Alder wood lines the sauna s interior, while fir wood was applied externally to weather proof the structure The dark visual slats hide the light cladding inside, allowing the sauna to float peacefully without interrupting the natural landscape of the lake Living is better where life is wetter Take a look at our book Rock the Boat

View in gallery wood and glass house with ocean and mountains for neighbors Wood and glass house with Adjacent to Tokyo Bay, this picturesque place played a huge part in inspiring the design of Villa SSK, which reminds us of the inside of a boat featuring exposed wood cladding the angled interior walls On the other

According to the carpenters, this is a boat, said the architect View in gallery minimalist wood boat house floating in finland forest The house is efficiently laid out, much like a sea ship s interior cozy and casual, with wood cladding the floors, walls and ceilings The open concept kitchen, dining room and living area lead

, Completed in in Norway Images by Pasi Aalto Traditional Norwegian boat houses have been used to store boats and fishing gear,but now many of them are being converted for recreational summer

, There are lots of people who like the idea of living on water, but for whom the idea of living on a boat doesn t, well, float their boat The Chichester floating Chichester floating homes start from £, (US,), which includes the interior fit out but excludes delivery and mooring fees Sources Baca