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The present invention provides a toilet suitable to be installed through a bathroom wall such that part of the toilet is in front of the bathroom wall and another part of the toilet The water may corkscrew as it bends at the top of weir and travels through the sideways extending leg and the down leg to the heel .

, Flip the liner and patterned fabric inside out just like you would with a pillow cover, pin them together and sew three edges (the top and sides) but leave the bottom hem for later Turn fabric right side out, and use a kit to install grommets along the top of your shower curtain I found these at Joanns but you

Top decking is made from recycled materials, including reclaimed wood and sawdust as well as recycled plastic from many common household items, such as the plastic More conveniently, decking is also available in pre grooved profiles, ready to install with our Hideaway Hidden Fastening System.

FS Lighting devices intended for fixed installation intended only for mounting on a ceiling or the like overhead structures having multiple lighting In addition, a first fastener is preferably included for retaining the second light panel opened and a second fastener can be included for retaining the second light panel

, install an attic ladder Attic access in a box shrink wrap included! The instructions that come with the Werner ladders are excellent They list all of the tools and miscellaneous screws, etc you ll need The tools are pretty basic, and are likely already in your DIY tool crib They give particular emphasis to the

, For other folks that need straight directions, this could be the fifth circle of hell Fortunately they ve taken a few of typical hazards out of do it yourself furniture by removing any need for screws, fasteners or tools The boards adhere to each other with industrial strength M adhesive glue Fewer parts means

Mar , I had considered repurposing a light from Goodwill and calling it good While I made one for nearly less than my inspiration piece, it still cost me about to make this chandelier This is a project that isn t as hard as you may think Today, I ll show you how to make one First, you need to start with a

, Disposable briefs are known as adult diapers and are highly absorbent with side fasteners making easy for caretakers to help the person My friend decided that protective underwear would be the best option for her since she is able to change the underwear herself without assistance and they feel more

, The fellow that measured my kitchen did a good job with that, but when i t came time to give me a quote on the installation they not only missed their window, they said Things I ve learned Stay away from the plastic Pin and Cog type connector assembly and go for the metal clip and screw type instead.

Check its location, as shown, and secure it with inch wood screws Install tom silva Routing and Fastening the Baseboard for the Hardware for How to Install a Secret Fit the baseboard against your door, making sure it sits flat against the door with its top edge aligned with its neighbors, then glue and tack it in place.