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, Strategically placed, square and rectangular rusted steel boxes help create the perfect conditions for the stone clad walls to extend the house into the landscape Winning the Lafarge Award for the best architectural use of decorative concrete in South Africa , and the overall award for best concrete

, Clad in planks of azobé an African hardwood chosen for its resilience it faces out onto a promenade and the sea beyond Nautical Base in Saint Hilaire de Riez by Following the slope of the dune, the cladding connects with a low wall that borders a pathway around the perimeter Nautical Base in

, For the museum employees, a south facing, naturally lit interior garden is shared by the office and research programmes of the museum, creating a natural Fa?ade cladding Consultants SuP Ingenieure GmbH, Melendez Dickinson Architects Construction Contractor Huhehaote construction Co Ltd

, On the south, the upper portion is wrapped in metal panels painted bright cayenne a hue that was developed specifically for this project The same vibrant colour was used one side of fins on the east facade, which help shade a glass wall and minimise heat gain Marlon Blackwell Architects creates

The six story building was designed as a steel frame structure with a curtain wall enclosure of glass, composite wood panels, and porcelain tile panels An architectural curtain The process eliminates unnecessary information, such as excessive detailing or modeling specific information (e,g,, dimensions or tags) In some

, St Paul s RC Academy in Dundee (pictured) has resorted to gathering kids together, sitting them down and showing them a film rather than have them learn because of their severe staffing problems.

,, in the names of David E Goodman and Daniel S Goldberger and entitled TISSUE PENETRATING APPARATUS AND METHODS, which is As another example, fluorescently tagged monoclonal antibodies selectively absorbed by particular tissue structures can be used to locate that tissue based on the

, In the modern world that translates to four walls and a roof, somewhere to sleep, a way to cook your meals, clean running water, a place to wash yourself, The Container Home is structured with mostly recycled or repurposed materials and gets its power from a large solar panel on the exterior of the box.

The Fairmont Penthouse by Inhouse, South Africa Cape Town March th, by retail design blog Award winning interior design Sustainable timber was used for the ceilings and joinery Inhouse chose marble with its beautifully ranging surface for the floors and wall cladding as a classic indication of luxury.

It s interesting (and sometime fun) to simply watch the chef(s) go about preparing meals Allowing diners to look in on this hive of activity is a great idea to d the diners into the whole dining out experience Chipboard furniture cladding maintenance problem Notice how the veneered cladding is breaking off The walls

, Located just below Lion s head, a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, sits a monolithic , square foot home The white concrete home and its copper roof not only feature spectacular views, but also have a garage whose walls contain a graffiti mural and is lit by light refracted from the water feature

At square meters, the home consists of a contrastingly natural yet structurally similar cladding interrupted by moments of transparency or void The strict rigidity of the exterior forms and textures is offset by the flowing organic lines of carved rock that nests it Each room contains views out towards the stone and over the

Domestic U.S.A vermiculite tends to be dark brown in color, while South African grades tend to be a light cream color and require lesser TiO to hide the off color it imparts to Indicates that applying the coating Wood Wall Smoke Density laminate to the opposite side of a panel aids in slowing down fire spread.

Concrete slabs are those building materials used in the construction of prefabricated foundations, floors and wall panels Deposits of sodium carbonate and or bicarbonate are found in large quantities in countries like United States, China, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, India, Egypt, South Africa and Turkey.

, At the request of the client, the cladding and structure of the building including partitions, walls and ceilings are made from timber This structure Wood construction and Carpentry for main building Carmo Estruturas em Madeira S.A e Carmo SA Carpintaria C.Silva, Lda Henriques Rodrigues, Lda.

, Called The Flat Pack, the design envisions the Trespa cladding panels that currently cover a pair of tower blocks in the London borough of Enfield, but which are set to be removed imminently, finding a second life as the walls of tiny dwellings for migrants Unlike other high rises in London, where flammable

, House Boz house in South Africa designed by Werner van der Meulen at architecture practice Nico van der Meulen Architects is now a finalized Initially the site revealed itself as a mound of quartzite rock which was excavated and hand cut for the gabion landscape walls and the stone cladding used

However, the thermal neutron flux in the installation core needs to be very high (in the cm ,s range) in order to achieve the transmutation of Neptunium Furthermore, while fission fragments are tightly retained inside the fuel cladding, the neutron contamination in a Fusion Power Station will be distributed over a