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, Whether you live in the Southwest or another arid desert region, here are a number of ideas to get the look in your own garden Southwestern Landscape by Bianchi Design The key is to look for those that thrive with little water and in quick draining desert soils In this garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the

, And, if you like, a small lawn fits quite nicely into such a space, offering a restful spot for the eye and the body and even a game of catch Filled with how to information, design ideas, plant suggestions, and plenty of inspirational photographs, it ll show you how rewarding a lawnless or less lawn garden

Carry your home s cottage style through the garden with these flower options house garden with white picket fence and flowers View as slideshow Known for its dazzling flower heads that can reach inches wide, this species was voted one of the greatest plants for gardens by the American Horticultural Society.

, With origins in a wide range of regions, including Africa, South America, Europe and the Americas, these succulents have found a well deserved place Creative Design by Lauran LLC Small leaves appear along the stems, and a winter show of yellow flowers provides welcome relief in the landscape.

, Great Design Plant Sea Grape Origin Native to coastal regions of south Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America Whether you re trying to add local flavor to your coastal tropical garden or just trying to bring a little resort style to your home, sea grapes are sure to bring a smile

, From the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank to the hip and trendy Marais near the Bastille, it s entirely possible to spend a week going from one beautiful garden to another, soaking up the sun in little corner caf├ęs Start your day with coffee and a croissant, then head out to explore Traditional Landscape by

, It s found in abundance over the entire eastern half of the United States, as well as into parts of central and south America There is no better or more economical way to keep rabbits out of the garden than a good chicken wire, or wire mesh perimeter fence, bottom bent outward and sunk to a depth of at

, Still we dream on, propelling our gardens and their art into the next season and the next transformation, with visions of our own fresh melons or The garden s latest exhibition, called Groundbreakers Great American Gardens and the Women Who Designed Them, is displaying poems by Edna St Vincent

American beautyberry has been cultivated into varieties with purple or white berries Asian Beautyberry Japanese beautyberry (Callicarpa japonica) and Chinese beautyberry (C dichotoma and C bodinieri) are cold tolerant to zone but a little less heat tolerant than American beautyberry They are generally smaller (

, A small corner lot in Atwater is transformed to embrace the neighborhood Working with landscape architect Lisa Gimmy, Collins replaced all the plants and hardscape, creating a drought tolerant replacement composed of a limited plant palette It s a minimal expression of an ancient idea, says Gimmy.

, Minister Alan Storey, who lives around the corner from his church in Cape Town, has started a community food garden along the perimeter of the church building, and The venture explores the idea of developing in between spaces by growing vegetables in between the Church s walls and its fence line.

, Stress can take on the body as well as the mind and numerous studies have been conducted to confirm this fact.In a busy city life, caught midst the hustle and bustle of daily chores, you need a relaxation corner, close to your heart, where you can go to rest, unwind and connect with yourself, your friends,

, be not in small backyard gardens, but birds carry off the seed to the point that it s popping up in unmanaged fields and roadside areas Butterfly bush flowers limit the types of insects that can reach its nectar, but besides this the nectar and plant have no evolutionary history with native insects they

, I have been involved all my working life with design, garden design, More The formal clipped plantings in the main containers are nicely echoed in the small planters on the table The grouping of containers creates a more integrated design than just dotting individual containers around the garden.

, Distribution Small carpenter bees are found throughout most of the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America they are rare in Australia Habitat Near woodlands and in gardens, meadows, prairies and old fields Shown Female small carpenter bee on hoary vervain (Verbena

, Give your landscape a sense of place, and attract pollinators and songbirds, with these native plants Native across North America from the boreal forests of the Yukon to Canada s Maritime provinces, south to the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota White spruce s sculptural

, Last summer, on a garden tour in Boston s South End, I was entranced by the story of four families who years ago took down the fences separating their back This small garden has a tiny dining patio up near the house, and the rest of the garden has a circular design filled with perennials primroses, irises,

, On the ember , edition of my public radio show and podcast, Ken and I discussed design challenges that these tall and narrow things answer the technical difference between the I think it gets too hot in most of North America, but there are some disease resistant varieties that are around now.

days ago Xeriscaping is the fine art of filling your garden with native plantings, so that no (or very little) additional watering is required Hedges (like this lavender one from HGTV) aren t quite naturally occurring, but they re a great way to separate out portions of your yard without resorting to a wall or fence.

, Bring tranquillity and harmony to your garden by positioning rocks near water, whether it s a small pond, a stone vessel or a bubbling water feature Bring in the Birds With a Rock walls have survived in many areas, including England, Ireland, Scandinavia and South America The Peruvian Inca city of

, Surrounded by bromeliads and Latin American blooms in the dappled shade of palms and tropical trees like Jacarandas, it s easy to forget for a moment In keeping with the authentic design of the Asian Bamboo Gardens, the horticultural staff and Terra Design Studios included little details such as this

, Some people might set out cones or hazard signs, but Tateel decided to work with whimsy by creating a mini habitat for fairies and gnomes in the She visited yard sales and dollar stores to find inexpensive materials to create doors (out of popsicle sticks), fences and tiny, precarious walkways that circled

, in Design, Gardening The meadow garden at River Farm, headquarters of the American Horticultural Society No other group of plants quite catches light like the grasses When the light passes through their leaves, grasses glow in late or early light Included photos by Saxon Holt With rising interest in

, On the edge of Peconic Bay, a low key garden offers solace and requires little work the Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf s painterly drifts of grasses and wildflowers debuted on a stretch of elevated walkway in Manhattan, the park s design has been influencing garden designers around the country.

, Or mix evergreen trees with evergreen shrubs, like in the photo here, if you have the space to create a wide privacy screen Kate Eyre Garden Design There are climbing vines that grow up by wrapping their tendrils around a support, and there are clinging vines that have little feet or suction cups that